Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee AGM Minutes Jan 21, 2020

Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee Minutes – Jan 21, 2020

Minutes of the Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee January 21, 2020

Attendance: Audrey Berlovan, Corinne McKay, Tasha Felix, Vesna Nikolic, Melissa McGrath, Diane White, Renate Andres

  • Agenda – approved
  • Previous minutes – approved
  • Financial Report – Tasha is working on the final reporting for year end
    • Corinne to talk to Cindy at Saskatoon Mother’s Center about outstanding cheque
    • Audrey will see if someone from the Area Council can do our audit
  • Budget 2020
    • Saskatoon Mother’s Center                      
    • Moon time Sisters                                        
    • Moon time Sisters work bee                     
    • MMIW speaker donation                          
    • Dress for Success donation                       
    • Meeting expenses
    • Bank charges                                                   
    • Holiday Hampers                                          
  • Meetings for the year
    • March – Moon time Sisters – Corinne will advise Nicole she has found a suitable space for donations to be dropped off as the PSAC office does not have a loading dock
    • May – Saskatoon Mother’s Center, two weeks prior to the meeting send out notices requesting gently used ladies and children clothing to donate to the Mother’s Center.
    • September – Myrna LaPlante MMIS
    • November – Dress for Success – plan a potential clothing swap for PSAC members and all the cloths left would go to Dress for Success details to follow.
  • Redress Project – General consensus that we will not move ahead with planning an activity related to the Red Dress project however will be available to assist how we can.
  • Elections – Corinne McKay – Chairperson, Tasha Felix – Treasurer, Audrey Berlovan – Secretary
  • Other Business
    • Feb. 1 Strike prep training
    • January 23 – Area Council meeting they will be looking for new executive please RSVP if you can attend.
    • Mediation for PA table no agreement reached will now wait for the PIC reports
    • Will need to select a delegate to the PSAC Prairie Convention.
      • Corinne will send email asking for volunteers
    • Meeting dates for 2020 March 26, May 28, September 24, November 26
  • Next meeting March 26, 2020 at 5:15pm
  • Meeting adjourned  6:45pm