Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes – May 15, 2018

May 15, 2018 Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee meeting


Held at Public Service Alliance of Canada Regional Office, Saskatoon, SK
In Attendance: Leila White, Corinne McKay, Samantha Benesh, Desiree Hainault, Trudy Turnbull, Liu Shumei (Marine), Tasha Felix
Meeting brought to order at 5:15pm
• Supper – the meal was ordered from Venice House, paid by Tasha Felix (reimbursed).
• Discussion about Union summer snack program, All willing to support but no one able to take the lead over the summer.
• Self-Defense Class, provided by In Charge Self-Defense. The participants learned evasive maneuvers, chokes, and hits for self-protection. The cost of the class was $100, paid by cheque to In Charge Self Defense (Jessica Hamel).
Adjourned 7:00pm
Next Meeting July 17 (subsequently cancelled)