Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes (March 24, 2022)

Attendance: Tasha Felix, Gloria Pfeifer, Joyce Romanchuk, Lisa Leuty, Connie Boucher, Aliya Jiwa

              Meeting held by Zoom

  • Land Acknowledgment and Harassment Statement
    • Acknowledged
    • Connie mentioned the link on the PSAC website didn’t take her to the Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee
  • Review minutes of last meeting and accept
    • Minutes reviewed and accepted (after noting change in executive with Aliya Jiwa being Chair and Lisa Leuty as Secretary)
  • Review Agenda and accept
    • Reviewed and accepted
  • Quick introductions of those in attendance
  • Financial Report – Tasha (same as reported at the AGM February 1, 2022)
    • Bank balance:  $65.14
    • We have submitted a budget for $1,052 which includes in-person meetings and planning events
  • Discussion of ideas for future events. Such as inviting Nicole to our next meeting to talk about Moontime Sisters and the work that they do.
  • Next meetings with suggested topics:
    • May 19, 2022 at 5pm – presentation from Moontime Sisters
    • September 22, 2022 at 5pm – Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and girls presentation
    • November 17, 2022 at 5pm – Open to suggestions, perhaps the Saskatoon Mother’s Centre
  • Meeting Adjourned