Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes – January 16, 2018

Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committe Meeting Minutes – January 16, 2018

Minutes of the Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee January 16, 2018
Attendance: Audrey Berlovan, Leila White, Tasha Felix, Corinne McKay, Brenda Brittain, Nicole White, Jackie Maurice
Review of Previous minutes:
 Reviewed the minutes no additions or deletions.
Financial Statement:
 We had not received Bank statements from the credit union as, due to inactivity.
 Missing bank statements have now been received from the bank and we will receive statements into the future
 Documentation from the bank was received indicating who, from the committee, has signing authority for the committee
 We are in noncompliance with our financial reporting for 2016.  Jackie Maurice has provided tremendous support to our committee so that we can submit the required documentation.
 We had all information required to submit 2017 reporting and will do so after some clarification of process is obtained and 2016 is completed.
 Checks were obtained so that 2017 and current expenses can be paid.  More checks have been ordered as the last chequebook has been misplaced.
 The cheques will not be dispersed until Jackie can clarify process is proper as we had not been compliant in our financial reporting to date.
 All financial information will be left in the cabinet in the boardroom at PSAC Regional office
Moon Time Sisters:
 Presentation by Nicole White, founder of Moon Time Sisters
 Nicole shared that she learned through the media that MP Georgina Jolibois reports that young women in her constituency in northern Saskatchewan report missing school because of a lack of menstrual products.
 Nicole contacted Ms Jolibois and asked how she could help – Moon Time Sisters was born.
 Last year Moon Time Sisters provided almost 94000 feminine products to 15 communities in the North.
 Last year the drive was held in February but this year it will be held in March.
 The Regional Women’s Committee has committed to provide information about Moon Time Sisters and the March drive to all the locals in Saskatoon.  We will encourage our locals to have their own product drives in support. Hoping to break last year’s record of almost 94000 feminine products.
 PSAC regional office will host the work bee for the March drive.  Nicole will provide handout etc. for the March drive and will be providing a date in the near future.
 A fundraiser is planed for February 9th at the Capitol Music Club.  The fundraiser is called “Go With the Flow” and features many wonderful artists.
January Women’s March
 To be held Saturday January 20th 10:00 – noon River Landing
 Leila will attend and has invited others to attend via facebook page.  Leila will be taking the PSAC banner to the March.
Discussion on future activities/plans:
 We acknowledged that our last years plan was too ambitious given the human resources of our committee.
 Discussion on how we can effectively put forward our mandate as a committee with the minimal resources that we have.
 Media Training – specifically how Facebook, Twitter, Instagram can be used to reach our membership and promote our mandate.  Training is needed for the committee members, and our membership, on how to successfully utilize social media tools.
 At last meeting it was decided that we will have meetings on every odd month on the third Tuesday.  It was decided that we would incorporated Media training at these meetings instead of having a special training date.
 Leila knows of a professional who would be able to provide training.  Leila will approach her to see if she would be interested in providing training and her availability.  $200.00 was allocated as an honorarium for the training.
 To address violence against women, it was suggested previously by a member that it would be beneficial to have self defence training.  It was decided that at one meeting we will have a self defence instructor provide us with some training and safety procedures.  $200.00 was allocated as an honorarium for the training.
 Meetings will be broadcasted on Face Book live. Consent will be sought prior to the broadcast from each attendee.
 Next meeting March 13, 2018 at 5:00pm
 For International Women’s Day on March 8th we will promote and support local organizations in their activities instead of developing our own.
 Resolution and writing regarding the privacy regulation for law enforcement to obtain info help by vital statistics of next of kin
 Possibly sponsor 6 attendees to the Go with the Flow event in February 
 Expenses – 6 meetings @ 100.00
 Donations – 1st Nations Day care – 100.00, Moon time sisters – 100.00, MMIW – 100.00, 
 Event/Project expenses – Media training 200.00, Self defense info session 200.00, Moon Time Sisters work bee 200.00
 December Social – 200.00
Action Items:
 Leila to verify cheques have been ordered
 Corinne to pick up financial for auditing on Friday January 19th
 Leila to verify guest speaker re: using social media
 Leila to update FB page with information regarding privacy laws at vital statistics 
 Nicole to send Leila information on the self-defence speaker – Leila will follow-up with Nicole.
 Leila to contact all local presidents re – Moon Time sisters work bee and schedule of meetings to promote awareness and interest in the SRWC.
Meeting adjourned