Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee AGM Meeting Minutes (Feb 1, 2022)

Attendance: Tasha Felix, Louise Mardell, Gloria Pfiefer, Joyce Romanchuk, Lisa Leuty, Aliya Jiwa, Renata Andres, Sherry Hunt, Marianne Hladun

               Meeting held by Zoom

Land acknowledgement and harassment statement – Louise Mardell

  • Introductions – Welcome everyone
  • Previous minutes – approved and accepted
  • Review Agenda – approved
  • Financial Report
    • $65.14 currently in bank account
    • Only expenses for 2021 were donations and seasonal hampers
    • 2021 Financials & 2022 Budget were reviewed and approved
  • New executive –
    • Chair – Lisa Leuty
    • Secretary – Aliya Jiwa
    • Treasurer – Tasha Felix
  • Meeting schedule 2021
    • March 24th meeting for planning
    • Meeting to be held via Zoom 5:00pm – 6:00pm
    • Meeting notices to be sent to the Regional Office two weeks prior to meeting date including the agenda
  • Other business arising –
    • Marianne encouraged the committee to put some thought into budget submission and to expand network using a hybrid method.  Reminder that donations should include an action activity and suggested lobby training. 
    • Marianne provided a collective bargaining update.
    • Reminder for the Women’s Retreat call-out.  Women are encouraged to apply to help shape and organize the women’s retreat happening in Fall of 2022.  Deadline to apply is March 8, 2022. 
    • Sherry Hunt provided an overview of what their RWC committee does and how they operate. 

Meeting adjourned – 6:15 pm