Prince Albert Regional Indigenous People’s Circle Minutes (June 15, 2021)

Regional Indigenous People’s Circle Meeting Minutes

June 15, 2021


Prudence McKenzie, Chair

Vivian Merasty, Vice Chair

Brenda Walsh, Treasurer

Janette Husak, PRC Representative

Kelsey Dreaver, Member

Clarissa Danielson, Secretary

Regrets: Louise Mardell

Call to Order 12:02 Land Acknowledgement and Harassment Policy read by Prudence

Review Agenda – no changes

Minutes from the Last Meeting read by Prudence, moved by Brenda, seconded by Kelsey

Chair’s Report – with new position accepted by Prudence she will be able to stay on as Chairperson, anyone can object to either person on our executive to make it formal.  Motion to accept by Kelsey, seconded by Vivian

Vice Chair – nothing to report

Treasurer’s Report – nothing to report

New Business – nothing at this time due to the pandemic

National Indigenous Day 2021 –province-wide restrictions are still a concern, therefore it is too early to be planning events due to the pandemic

Round Table –Vivian: requested for ideas on how she can contribute to the group to make more of an impact and help out indigenous communities a lot better as she is new to the committee and wanted a better grasp on her role as the vice chair.

Janette – requested if we can have an elder at our next meeting, honorarium can be made available to the elder.  She will be attending the Regional Convention on June 24-27th, 2021. No other updates.

Brenda – had asked for an explanation on the process for proposal submission and Janette provided that explanation

Kelsey – nothing

Clarissa – suggested to smudge to begin/end each of our meetings; shared ideas on joining up with other indigenous activists such as S.H.A.R.E organization of Prince Albert, where Conrad Burns works & promotes Indigenous causes, Orange Shirts for Canada Day, Kamloops #215 Orange Shirts were some of the examples she shared. Prudence has volunteered to share some sage if any members require any sage to join in on the smudging at our meetings moving forward.

Prudence – she explained ISC has so many resources available for Indian Residential School survivors and their families that even she had no knowledge of although she has been employed with ISC for over 20 years!  She will be forwarding information via email on the various resources for indigenous families to take advantage of in their healing process.

Next Meeting – Tuesday, July 13th, 2021 at 12pm

Adjournment – 12:43pm