Saskatoon Area Council Minutes (Sept 14, 2021)

Saskatoon and District Area Council

Meeting held September 14, 2021

Attendance: Kelsey Oram (Justice Canada), Elena Beynon (Ag Canada), Tara Zwozdesky (PPSC), Dawn Hardy (Geo Rep), Louise Mardel (PSAC Rep)

  1. Land Acknowledgment
  2. Review and Adoption of Agenda

Elena and Tara will need to motion and second for the meeting 

3. Review and Adoption of Previous Minutes

Our last meeting was June 1, 2021

Louise recommended to remove the reference to Nancy Johnson in the minutes as the summer snack program contact. We have a new contact for the Summer Snack Program.  

Elena motioned to adopt the minutes; Tara seconded.

4. Treasurer’s Report

Our current balance is $445.28. We continue to receive bank statements via email from Jacqueline. We have sufficient balance for our next activities.

Motion to accept the report as read by Elena, seconded by Tara

5. Old Business:

Summer Activities – Report on Summer Snack Program (July 16)

We had good attendance at our July Summer Snack Program Day with 5 volunteers.

6. New Business

Lobbying – round table on potential lobbying activities this fall

Tara is reaching out to the Ducette, campaigns are eager to have volunteers and a variety of jobs including phone calls, Data-entry

Tara, Elena and Kelsey are available Sunday to volunteer with Ducette

Kelsey proposed a “Walk to the Polls” volunteer day with the Lighthouse. The lighthouse will get back to us on whether we can assist with getting people out to vote in the Saskatoon West riding. Poll is at the Royal Canadian Legion on Spadina (near Victoria Park). Prior to our “Walk to the Polls

We discussed vouching process as well as using Letter of Confirmation of Residence options form found here EC50053_e.pdf (

Kelsey will send an invitation out to the members for distribution on Thursday.

  • November Remembrance Day – Laying of the Wreath, attendance, donation
  • Elena will arrange approvals for Making a donation to the poppy campaign
  • Open House – Choose a date, choose an event (game night), choose a local charity to invite and highlight, coordinate with Women’s Group
  • Louise will be at the Women’s committee meeting on the 21st

7. Round Table

Louise – Sept 30 Reconciliation Day new national holiday. Thursday will be a stat for federal employees

Regional indigenous will be sending out their thoughts on that day and are asking members to wear orange. Elder to offer teachings around indigenous issues

Dawn – Geo Rep – PRC took place Fri-Sat

  • Introduced herself and the geo rep role.
  • Collects the minutes
  • Next PRC meeting is Sept 29
  • National convention May 28-June 3.
    • Every 3 years after the component conventions the PSAC Triannual convention
    • Deal with all the resolutions dealt with at the Triannual convention
    • ACs have voice and vote to debate resolutions
    • Resolutions were due the 17th

Requirements to attend convention

Notice of meeting showing election (Notice of Election)

Election of delegate (needs a nominator and seconder)

Minutes and form to Marianne and Louise

8. Next Meeting to be held Nov 9, 2021, at 6 p.m.

  • Adjournment

9. Tara motioned to adjourn, Elena Seconded