Saskatoon Area Council Minutes (Nov 9, 2021)

Saskatoon Area Council Meeting

November 9, 2021 at 6:00 P.M. CST via Zoom

Present: Kelsey Oram (President Local 40161), Elena Beynon (VP Local 40022), Tara Zwozdesky (Secretary-Treasurer Local 40161), Louise Mardell (PSAC Rep), Gloria Pfeifer (RVP for Saskatchewan, Local 40350), Tasha Felix (Women’s Group, Local 40350), and Dawn Montgrant (Geo Rep)

Land Acknowledgment (Kelsey)

Review and Adoption of Agenda

Tara moves to adopt the agenda.

Elena seconds.

Review and Adoption of Previous Minutes

Tara moves to adopt the previous minutes.

Elena seconds.

Treasurer’s Report (Kelsey)

Nothing to report.

All three signers are intact on our bank account. This was a follow up from Elena’s minutes from the October 26, 2021 All Committee Meeting.

Our $75 donation to the Poppy Campaign is our only expense this month.

Old Business:

Volunteering at Robert Ducette’s Campaign Sept 18

We handed out flyers for the Ducette campaign.

  • Walk to the Polls Sept 20
  • We did a walk to the polls with the Lighthouse on election day. Most Lighthouse residents preferred to take the shuttle. We took a photo and it was posted online.
  • Val, the Lighthouse coordinator, was very welcoming and nice.
  • We discussed the possibility of doing another activity in the future and will have to think on same.
  • New Business:
  • November Remembrance Day – Laying of the Wreath, attendance, donation
  • This will be a virtual event this year, but hopefully back to normal next year.
  • There were only a set number of physical wreaths to purchase.
  • Open House – Choose a date, choose an event, choose a local charity to invite and highlight, coordinate with Women’s Group
  • Report from Tasha: Committee hasn’t put much thought into this yet. It was virtual last year with a few games, so maybe something similar. Participation in events has been dwindling, part of the struggle with lots of online meetings. Their committee has already spent for speakers this year, so no budget for that. Also mentioned that Corrine McKay will be retiring on the 16th.
  • We discussed some possible dates: Dec 8, 9, and the following week. Possible times discussed as 5:30 to 7 pm and 5 to 6:30 pm. Tasha to take back to the Women’s Group’s next meeting on Tuesday two dates so they can decide what works best for them: Dec 8 and Dec 15 from 5 to 6:30 p.m.
  • Area council and Women’s group to each purchase $100 gift card for draw.
  • Jesse organized the games last year and did such a good job. Louise to check and see if he is available and willing to set these up for us, expects to confirm same by email by Monday. Kelsey suggested a repeat of the scavenger hunt from last year. Tasha also enjoyed same.
  • Elena suggested bringing in the Lighthouse to speak. Kelsey will see if Anna or Val from the Lighthouse are interested in participating. We used to spend $300 for in person events, so we should have money to make a donation. We did not donate when we did the Walk to the Polls, so following the Action and Donation combination requirement, we could donate to the Lighthouse. Kelsey will reach out to the Lighthouse.
  • Louise notes that we should do a poster to send out ASAP describing the event (speaker, game, prizes). She recommends it be sent out at least two weeks in advance, ideally within the next week so people can save the date. We will update the poster from last year with the new information and reuse it.
  • Election of delegate to the PSAC Triannual convention (Louise)
  • For the position of delegate:

Kelsey nominates Tara.

Elena seconds.

Tasha nominates Dawn.

Gloria seconds.

Unfortunately, Dawn is affiliated with Prince Albert and not Saskatoon, so she isn’t able to serve as the Saskatoon Area Council delegate.

Tara let her name stand and is elected by acclamation.

  • For the position of first alternate delegate:

Kelsey nominates Elena.

Tara seconds.

Tara nominates Kelsey.

Elena seconds.

Elena declines the nomination.

Kelsey lets her name stand and is elected by acclamation.

  • For the position of second alternate delegate:

Tasha and Gloria are already delegates.

Tara nominates Elena.

Kelsey seconds.

Elena lets her name stand and is elected by acclamation

  • Louise explains that the delegate is our voice at the convention. The convention call out is available on the PSAC website, explaining travel, etc.
  • We can ask Louise if we have any questions and she can ask Gail / Marianne if necessary.
  • Round Table:
  • Tara asks if we can update the empty secretary/treasurer position on the PSAC website. Kelsey will email Jackie and cc Louise.
  • Tara asks about view-only online banking so we can more promptly review any statements. Kelsey said Jackie sent this information over the summer and will follow up and share same.
  • Dawn provides a PRC update:

A recent three-day meeting was held where one day was spent on each of: training, terms of reference, and meeting.

It is a smaller council than in past as the area council rep was eliminated. Dawn attends for Prince Albert and Saskatoon.

The next meeting is in December.

We can bring our issues forward and if we have any questions, we can go ahead and ask Dawn.

  • Nothing from Tasha or Gloria at this time.
  • Louise provides updates on vaccination and education:


The office is receiving lots of calls regarding the mandatory vaccinations and they are very busy. Lots of information can be found on the website.

90% of employees are vaccinated, so it is the 10% that are making these calls. The 10% are angry, frustrated, and upset. Unfortunately, it is mostly a personal preference not to get vaccinated, so there is little the union can help with in those situations.

The union supports mandatory vaccination, but not how government rolled it out. We have legal officers who are watching what is happening.

Members receive LWOP until they are vaccinated. Allergies or a myocardial condition are the only two currently accepted medical reasons not to be vaccinated. So far no mental health claims have been accepted.

Gloria has also had lots of calls from this 10%.


November 17 is New Member Orientation. The deadline is Friday, November 12 so we should get new people to sign up.

The spring event was for local executive members to prepare orientations and this event confused people.

November 26-18 is the Equity Conference. Registration is closed. Louise will be facilitating some workshops here.

December 3-5 is the Grievance handling course. All of Saskatchewan can apply. TUB is a prerequisite, but if virtual TUB learning is done members can be accepted.

December 6-7 is Virtual Union School. There are all sorts of different seminars, games, prizes, and fun. No one from Saskatoon has signed up yet. This is held one time per three-year education cycle. We should pass this information along so that people attend, and the event is able to go ahead.

Louise also notes that people are anxious to return to the office, but it is not yet possible in Saskatchewan.

Next Meeting TBD

December 1st, 2021 at 6 p.m. will be our next meeting.


Kelsey moves to adjourn our meeting.

Tasha seconds.