Saskatoon Area Council Minutes (Apr 19, 2021)

Attendees:  Kelsey Oram (President A/C, Local 40161), Elena Beynon (VP A/C, Local 40022), Louise Mardell (Regional Representative, PSAC)

  1. Agenda
  2. Call to Order
  3. Minutes from the Last Meeting Feb 22, 2021

Minutes were reviewed and accepted.

4. Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre Fundraiser

The Food Drive to benefit the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre took place March 1-8.  Justice and AAFC worksites each filled a collection bin and forwarded on cash donations.  Some donations were also done online by colleagues. A donation of $200 to the Food Bank on behalf of the Saskatoon & District Area council was made.

5. Treasurer’s Report– Kelsey Oram

The Financial Report for 2020 and tentative budget for 2021 were reviewed by a member of the PRC (Prairie Region Council) and submitted to the REVP’s office as part of the 2021 reporting package. 

We have not received a financial statement since December.  As of December 31, 2020, the bank balance was $1026.28.  There was one cheque for $75 as a donation to the Saskatoon Legion for Remembrance Day still outstanding, and since then we have spent $200 as a donation to the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre.  The available balance should be $751.28. 

Action:  Louise will check to see if statements are at the Regional Office and forward on to Kelsey.  We will also contact the bank to see if we can set up online access to financial statements.

6. New Business

  • PRC Committee Meetings

Where possible, Kelsey and Elena are participating in meetings organized by the REVP’s office since the start of the year for Area Council, Human Rights and Women’s committees in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  The last one took place last week.  One of the issues that Kelsey would like our committee to work on is the federal election when it is called.  What this will look like is to be discussed in future meetings.

  • National Public Service Week (NPSW) 2021

Kelsey and Elena will be part of the Prairies NPSW planning committee organized by Oneil Carlier.  This committee is tasked with creating virtual celebration for members in the Prairies June 14-18. The first meeting will take place April 22.

  • Saskatoon & District Labour Council (SDLC)

Jesse Todd provided the name of a contact for Summer Snack Program.  As indicated in the Budget presented at the AGM, we will be donating $300 to the Summer Snack Program.

Action:  Kelsey and Elena to sign cheque and sent to SDLC.

7. Roundtable

  • Habitat for Humanity

We had planned to volunteer at the outdoor garden run by the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre however they are not accepting volunteers this year because of the pandemic.  Elena suggested that we look into doing a Habitat for Humanity Build provided they are accepting volunteers.  If they are, this would be opened up to any PSAC members who wanted to participate.

Action:  Elena to contact Habitat for Humanity to see if they are organizing volunteer builds this year and report back.

  • Regional Office Update – Louise Mardell

Louise spoke about the Talking Union Basics (TUB) course which will take place virtually May 7-8.  Deadline to apply is April 30 and they will accept all applicants.  The first 25 will be in the May 7-8 class and others will be scheduled into future classes.  Information can be found on the Regional website.

The PSAC Treasury Board Bargaining Conference will take place April 26-30th and the CFIA bargaining conference June 8-10.

 The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) will be hosting a virtual Prairie School for Union Women (PSUW) June 22-25th.  Applications can be done online.  PSAC Prairies is offering full funding to 1 union member who self identifies as a woman to participate in the 2021 PSUW through the Judy Shannon Memorial Scholarship.  This will cover the costs of registration and loss of salary.  The application form can be found here:

  • Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place virtually on Tuesday, June 1 at 6pm.  Contact details will be posted on the PSAC Saskatoon website and shared with Locals by the Regional Office.