Saskatoon Area Council Meeting (September 21, 2010)

Saskatoon and District Area Council

Sept. 21, 2010


 Marianne Hladun (Agr.), Nicole Wurm (Ag.), Evelyn Jackson (UNDE), Elena  Beynon (Ag.), Clara Fabro (UEW), Jackie Nettleton (Agr.), Louise Mardell PSAC rep.

Regrets- Fay Nochowney (CSC)

Acceptance of Agenda

Review of Aug. 19 Minutes

Old Business

(i) Labour Day BBQ

        We spent $110.00 on helium and balloons which is less than usual as the weather was bad and attendance was down. Although considering how wet it was there were more people out than expected. Darla Leard the CLC rep. gave us swag to hand out which was really nice since almost all the PSAC items had gone to the Women’s Conference. Several MLAs were present and Marianne talked to the media.

(ii) DND issue

        Evelyn was in Ottawa for the UNDE bargaining conference. It was decided there that they will hire someone to oversee the fightback on contracting out. Training should be provided in November.

        Marianne and Robyn are aware of this issue.

New Business:

(i) Habitat for Humanity

        Our build is scheduled for Oct. 19. There wasn’t much to choose from this year. One project is almost finished; one is being used as a high school project and one is at the foundation stage.

(ii) Bargaining/Exploratory Discussions

        There was a discussion re. the bargaining teams being called back for early bargaining discussions. People wanted more information on what is going on.

(iii) PRC meeting

        No one had any issues that they wanted addressed at the upcoming PRC meeting.

4. Adjournment