Saskatoon Area Council Meeting Minutes – Sept 24, 2019

Saskatoon Area Council Meeting Minutes – Sept 24, 2019 

PSAC Saskatoon and District Area Council

September 24, 2019

Present: Trudy Turnbull (Statistics) VP AC, Louise Mardell PSAC RO rep., Jesse Todd PSAC rep., Jackie Nettleton (Ag) AC President, regrets Evelyn Jackson (UNDE)

1. President’s Report

The Labour Day BBQ was well attended. People appreciated the useful swag such as rulers and pencils. This year we gave fruit snacks instead of balloons which were well received.

2. Political Action

The Prairie Region conference call regarding political action was discussed including plans by other ACs for action in the current federal election.  In the past the Saskatoon AC has hosted a debate, but the Conservatives no longer want to participate in debates and few of our members have attended.  The riding that is of interest is getting a lot of support from the Saskatoon and District Labour Council.  It was decided that if the Labour Council or other community group organizes an action, we will partner with them rather than trying to organize something separately.

3. Roundtable

Trudy is retiring at the end of the month. Louise thanked Trudy for all her hard work and participation.

There will be an open house hosted by the staff soon to welcome members to our new office space.