Saskatoon Area Council Meeting Minutes May 16, 2018

Saskatoon Area Council  Meeting Minutes- May 16, 2018 

Saskatoon Area Council
General Meeting Minutes
May 16th, 2018

Members present:
Sister Jackie Nettleton – Agriculture – Area Council President
Sister Evelyn Jackson – UNDE – Area Council Secretary / Treasurer
Sister Louise Mardell – Saskatoon Regional Office Staff

Agenda and previous minutes presented & adopted as presented

President’s Report 

I attended the PSAC national convention (April 29th – May 4th).  Many of the materials are at the Regional office on 1st avenue.  A history of the PSAC by John Baglow is in the RO for anyone to read.  2 points of interest from the convention was that there will be a minor dues increase and that there will be fully funded regional conventions.  

Treasurer’s Report

Bank Balance as of April 30th – $1018.69
Notes:  No Outstanding Cheques 

PRC Report

Sister Evelyn Jackson stated that the conference call that was scheduled for last week was postponed until the 17th due to the finance committee meetings. The finance committee met on May 10th & 11th to discuss the 19 PRC committees’ assistance amounts.  Sister Evelyn was hopeful that the monies will be dispersed by the end of May.

Round Table

1 – Pride Parade – Saturday, June 23rd – As soon as more information on the start time and place comes out, Sister Jackie Nettleton will send that information to the RO for distribution.
2 – National Public Service Week (NPSW)– no boycott this year – possibility of a tent with goodies (ice cream) and information about us
3 – FB Vote – went well
4 – Education – May 29th Duty to Accommodate and May 31st Duty to Fair representation – remember to register on line

Meeting adjourned @6:00pm