Saskatoon Area Council Meeting Minutes – Feb 18, 2015

Minutes from the Feb. 18th, 2015 Saskatoon AC Meeting

Saskatoon and District Area Council
February 18, 2015
Meeting #1
: Jackie Nettleton, Karen Zoller, Barry Stolar, Nancy Johnson, Rosemary Neufeld, Louise Mardell, Nicole Wurm

Regrets: Evelyn Jackson

Meeting began at 5:35pm

Minutes from October 20th reviewed and accepted.

Today’s agenda reviewed and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report

  • As of December 31st 2014, bank statement available at $973.31.
  • Nicole to complete annual financial report for next meeting.

President’s Report

  • Review of the Saskatoon and District Labour Council Annual General Meeting.
  • Marianne Hladun spoke about various services cut.
  • Speaker from Saskatoon Lighthouse
  • Summer Snack Program has expanded to run 7 days a week at 6 parks.
  • NDP guest speakers
  • Prairie Region Council Meeting to be held on February 27-28th.


  • Area Council Meeting Annual General Meeting scheduled for March 9th.
  • March 19th National Day of Solidarity
  • Unions coming together to bring awareness and show solidarity.
  • Rally to take place at Saskatoon Federal building on March 19th during lunch hour.
  • Guest speakers and members of other unions to be invited.
  • Louise to research logo wrist bands, etc to hand out to attendees.

Meeting ended at 7:30pm