Saskatoon Area Council Meeting Minutes December 20, 2018

Saskatoon Area Council Meeting Minutes December 20, 2018

Saskatoon Area Council General Meeting Minutes December 20th, 2018

Members present
Sister Jackie Nettleton – Agriculture – Area Council President
Sister Trudy Turnbull – SSO – Area Council Vice-president – via telephone Sister Evelyn Jackson – 
UNDE – Area Council Secretary / Treasurer

Agenda and previous minutes presented & adopted as presented

President’s Report

PSAC Open House was well attended this year. Sister Kelly Harrington & Brother Don MacDonald gave 
presentations on the activities of the Saskatoon & District Labour Council. These activities 
included the summer snack program (5833 lunches at 6 core neighbourhood parks, 945 lunches to 
Agriculture in the classroom & 1940 breakfasts, lunches & snacks delivered to Summer Success 
reading program), supporting all locals in the area, Pharmacare and much more. They are encouraging 
locals to affiliate with SDLC and the cost is 32 cents per member per month.

Treasurer’s Report
Bank Balance as of November 30th – $1611.69
Notes: Outstanding Cheques & Fees 1-  Wreath Rental – $75.00
2-  Labour Day BBQ – $159.79 3-  Open House – $211.23
4-  Statement Fee – $1.00 Total = $447.02 Outstanding Deposits
1 – From Saskatoon RWC – $100.00
End of year Balance – $1264.67

PRC Report
Prairies Region is having a contest to see which local can get the most members signed up with
their correct addresses c/w random draw for $500 to the local.
Bargaining – PSAC has put everything on the table – check the web site for more information Phoenix 
– if doing any action around this contact the REVP’s office for swag
H&S Conference was Nov 16-18th – went well
Meeting minutes – according to the regional by-laws – minutes have to be submitted within 30 days 
of the meeting to the REVP’s office – process could be as follows –a) send to everyone at the 
meeting draft copy for approval – b) reply via voting approval & c) if no one responds the minutes 
stay as a draft until the next meeting
Wording – be mindful of the wording “Sisters & Brothers” – change in by-laws to “members of the 
union family”
The PRC By-laws committee is going to request a review of all committee by-laws in 2019

Round Table
1 – Sister Evelyn Jackson attended the SFL Convention in Regina as a member from UNDE
Local 40801
– Resolution for a small dues increase was passed
– Elections: Sister Lori Jobb is President & Sister Julee Sanderson is Secretary / treasurer
– Raised almost $7000 for SFL Kids Camp & Prairie School for Union Women
– Speakers were:
Panel on Sexual Violence
James Sinclair on Confronting Racism YWCA CEO on Stop Sexual Violence CLC President
NDP Ryan Meili
Sask Party Don Morgan
Guests from Columbia on peaceful protests etc. & what they have achieved Nurses Union President 
Linda Silas on National Pharmacare Program
Big Daddy Tazz on Mental Health

2 – Annual General Meeting – set for Thursday, January 31st, 2019
Meeting adjourned @610pm