Saskatoon Area Council Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the September 30th, 2014 Saskatoon Area Council Meeting


Saskatoon Area Council Meeting
September 30, 2014


In attendance: 

AC members: – Evelyn Jackson, Rosemary Neufeld, Brenda Bergan, Barry Stolar, Rob Svoboda and Jackie Nettleton
Staff- Louise Mardell
Chair Sister Nettleton began the meeting by passing out the agenda and some proposed resolutions received from another area council for consideration at the next meeting


Chair report:
Labour Day BBQ

Well attended.  As in the past years, a table was set up with the PSAC flag, balloons, temporary tattoos and some of the aboriginal posters.  There were many unions that participated, good music and entertainment.

PRC  Meeting –

The PRC met Thursday with newly elected members of the PRC.  Friday was the leadership forum.  Discussion regarding the three PSAC priorities – defending public services, protecting collective bargaining and getting good contracts, defeating the Harper government.

Sister Benson was in attendance and spoke about the hard line in the sand “not giving up our sick leave”.  She spoke about other unions being on board and building coalitions’ with the broader labour movement.

There was a resolution passed at convention that PRC reps were to communicate with their constituents after each meeting.  There is some work being done in regards to how this communication will happen.

Brother Stolar was also in attendance at the leadership forum and added information about the importance of supporting other unions, public and private.  Working with all labour and working with the CLC.

Sister Bergan mentioned her work with the NDP and provided information about two upcoming campaigns – October 18th Child Care and November 8th – Veterans campaign.  Thomas Mulcair will be in Saskatoon for that event. 

Sister Jackson showed us her “Stop Harper” Stop sign. This opened up a discussion about how these signs could be used at our events.  Consensus was that the committee would like to request from the REVP that these signs be made as soon as possible for our region.  A picture was taken and will be sent to Sister Hladun.  

Brother Stolar spoke about the current lock out of Amalgamated Transit Union and made a request that the AC support this picket.  He also mentioned that there may be a need for support at an Information Picket at the new CSC the 1st week of November – further information will be forth coming.

Information was shared regarding the Richardson Milling lock out as well.  We are all fighting the same battles.

Suggestion was made to include APSAR members to attend these pickets.  

Decision was made to send out a request from the AC for members to participate in these pickets starting with the ATU one this week.

One resolution was presented and adopted (copy to be attached).

Sister Mardell spoke about the importance of the strike structure.  A follow up email with more details will be sent out this week.  A brief discussion regarding the upcoming education.

Next  meeting will be October 20th.  Sister Nettleton will draft an email notice to be sent out and posted indicating the election of the PSAC convention delegate as an agenda item.