Saskatoon Area Council Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the March 27, 2013 Saskatoon Area Council Meeting

Saskatoon and District Area Council General Meeting
March 27, 2013

Present: Rosemary Neufeldt (Ag), Garry Cherneske (Ag), Karen Zoller (Ag), Nancy Johnson (UTE), Jackie Nettleton (Ag), Louise Mardell (PSAC rep), Brenda Baergen (Ag)

Regrets: Evelyn Jackson (UNDE)

This was supposed to be our AGM but since there were so few of us and our treasurer couldn’t be there we decided to postpone the AGM until April 24.

The president’s report was distributed and discussed.

The deadline for putting a team together for the United Way Day of Caring is April 10. Anyone interested is to contact Jackie.

The Day of Mourning is April 28 and will be held at the Frances Morrison Library this year. Several people plan to go so there will be someone to lay a wreath on behalf of the AC.

We discussed Bill 377 that will force unions to spend more time and effort on financial reporting. Jackie wrote to Lynne Yelich, the MP for Saskatoon Blackstrap, and received a letter back which Louise is going to fax to the REVP office in Winnipeg.

Louise talked about the upcoming Aboriginal Awareness workshop and encouraged anyone to go who could and to tell other people about it since there were still some spots left.