Saskatoon Area Council Meeting ( March 2011)

Minutes from the Saskatoon Area Council Meeting held on March 7, 2011

Saskatoon and District Area Council

General  Meeting

March 7, 2011


Jackie Nettleton, AGR;  Elena Beynon, AGR;  Rosemary Neufeld, AGR;  Carol Casey,  Heather Longstaff,  Marianne Hladun, AGR;  Barry Stolar, USGE;  Louise Mardell, Nicole Wurm, AGR.


Guy Leblanc and Ayold Elgersma, PSAC/UCTE Local 40404.

1.       Strike Support

·         Guy Leblanc and Ayold Elgersma presented current situation regarding negotiations with their employer on their collective agreement which expired in June 2010.

·         Members involved in labour dispute voted 91%in favour of strike action, rejecting employer’s final offer.

·         Possible demonstrations planned for Thursday, March 10 at the SaskatoonAirport.

·         Employees preparing for mid-month strike.

·         Hand-outs given for further information.


2.       Proposed Budget Review

·         A proposed budget was handed out and amendments made for final submission.

·         By consensus, final budget is $4,0000.00.

·         Jackie to request extension of March 11th deadline for finance report submission to Robyn Benson, REVP, as the former Treasurer has been absent.


3.       Resolutions

·         Marianne submitted 3 resolutions which were discussed:

a.       Funding Resolutions: passed.

b.      Regulation 15 Resolution: amendments were made and the resolution passed.

c.       PSAC Constitution Resolution: amendments were made and the resolution passed.

·         Resolutions to be sent to Robyn Benson, REVP, for Convention Resolution Committee.


4.       Adjournment