Saskatoon Area Council Committee Meeting Minutes (Jan 18, 2021)

Saskatoon & District Area Council

January 18, 2021 at 5:15 p.m.


Call to Order at 5:15 p.m


Kelsey Oram, Elena Beynone, Louise Mardel, Marianne Hladun, Tasha Felix

Minutes from the Last Meeting

  • Committee met in March to discuss the possibility of a strike vote and informally in December to discuss the open house and plan for the next year

President’s Report

  • This past year we made donation to the Royal Canadian Legion in lieu of a wreath laying and participated in the December Open House


Secretary-Treasurer – to be deferred to next meeting in February

Treasurer’s Report

  • Elena made a donation of $75 to the Royal Canadian Legion in lieu of laying the wreath. No other expenses to report.

New Business

  • Our first activity of the year will be a hosting a food drive with the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Center. More information on this event will be coming out at our February AGM
  • Looking into the possibility of getting a group of members together to volunteer at outdoor garden for late Spring-Summer
  • The Area Council will be connecting directly with Local Presidents to increase its visibility and increase member involvement.  They also discussed ways for the Council to get involved in political action in our region as well as promoting ongoing PSAC campaigns.  The Prairies region has just finished running a survey of its members and the information will be summarized and shared with A/C’s. 
  • Area Council budget and activity packages are due March 15th.  At this time, a budget for 2021 does not need to be submitted as many activities are in flux due to the ongoing covid situation.  If we know that we will be participating in certain activities, we can submit for approval by the REVP’s office by March 15 or make ad hoc requests as the year progresses.  Information on what needs to be submitted can be found on the PSAC Prairies website.
  • Memo from PSAC came out advising that there had been a change to determining delegate status for the 2021 Prairies Convention which will be taking place virtually June 25-27, 2021.  As long as an Area Council was in good standing in 2019, they are entitled to send a delegate regardless of their 2020 status.  Kelsey Oram will be attending the upcoming convention as the newly elected president of the A/C.  Evelyn Jackson will be attending as the PRC Rep (check this with Louise as I got a little confused as to what umbrella Evelyn was attending.  There will be a callout for new convention resolutions and they can be submitted online.  

    Action:  Kelsey to register online by February 19.
  • Saskatoon A/C will be holding its AGM on Monday, February 22nd at 5:15pm.
  • PSAC calendars will also be sent out with the latest issue of Prairie Voice and should be arriving shortly

Round Table with Louise Mardell, Prairie Region Rep.

  • Louise reported on the Open House in December
  • Issues that she is seeing from the region is COVID fatigue and mental health issues
  • The first online learning being rolled out by the region is a Health and Safety initiative – Violence in the workplace. More online learning to come.
  • 699 Policy Grievance – not equitable across the workplace, seeing discrepancies based on managers.
  • Calendar – if you would like one, Louise can arrange for them to be mailed to home addresses or they can be found online


Meeting Adjourned at 6:30 p.m.