Saskatoon Area Council AGM Minutes (Feb 2, 2022)


Elena Beynon

Tasha Felix (Local 40350)

Louise Mardell

Kelsey Oram

Gloria Pfeifer (Local 40350, Regional UNE VP for SK)

Joyce Romanchuk (Local 40195, PA Area Council Pres)

Jesse Todd

Tara Zwozdesky

  1. Land acknowledgement – Kelsey
  • Review and adoption of agenda – Kelsey
  • Add election of secretary / treasurer to agenda
  • Add to let people know that meetings are a harassment free event. Louise coordinates this and her phone number is in the chat for anyone who needs assistance.
  • Tara motions
  • Elena seconds
  • Review and adoption of previous minutes – Kelsey
  • Tara motions
  • Elena seconds
  • Treasurer’s report – Kelsey
  • January balance is $189.28.
  • Statements will be discussed later in the meeting.
  • Elena motions
  • Tara seconds
  • Old Business – Kelsey
  • Open house: Went well
  • Lighthouse donation
    • What to do with the receipt? Add it to the package that goes to Dawn for review. Tara to scan to Kelsey. This can be added to the file in the office when we can meet in person again.
  • New Business:
  • Election of Officers – Louise
    • President
      • Tara nominates Kelsey
      • Elena seconds
      • Kelsey accepts
      • Acclaimed
    • Vice President
      • Kelsey nominates Elena
      • Tara seconds
      • Elena accepts
      • Acclaimed
    • Secretary / Treasurer
      • Kelsey nominates Tara
      • Elena seconds
      • Tara accepts
      • Acclaimed
  • Treasurer’s report / financial statement and 2022 budget – Kelsey
  • Financial statements are to be submitted by March 15, 2022 – Kelsey
    • Tara and Elena to sign
    • Dawn to review
  • Suggestions for 2022 activities and discussion of draft budget
  • Discussion of labour day BBQ plans. Previous years have included tent, Frisbees, coloring books, music, and food. Hopefully we are able to hold this event this year.
  • Add Habitat for Humanity to the draft budget
    • Elena has tried to contact: the Ag component has a social justice fund that works on builds.
    • We tried doing something with Habitat for Humanity last year, but couldn’t because of Covid.
  • Marianne encourages a focused discussion on recruitment for events and area council meetings. We need to think outside the box.
  • Discussion on the importance of offering hybrid activities to include people who may want / need to stay isolated.
  • We can include people from outside of Saskatoon.
  • We need to get more locals involved and build up the network.
  • Dawn has a list of local presidents. Can meet with her / Louise / Jesse.
  • Discussion about education opportunities in schools. Louise mentions Tools for Schools, SFL has programs in schools like the get ready for work program and about the advantages of belonging to a union.
  • Elena mentions Funding from local school districts, Teacher’s Federation.
  • Marianne gives a heads up: There is an email from SFL coming in February for SFL Speak Up for Safety Month of action.
  • Round table
  • Marianne – Bargaining update
  • Ongoing since June 2021 with four tables and a common issues table. The common issues table includes vacation, economic increase (4.5% / year for three years), policy MOUs. The common issues table met this week. There is a focus on work / life balance.
  • The employer is being hypocritical with issues like the pay simplification for phoenix.
  • They see remote workers as cheaper, creating two tiers of workers. For example while working from home, not being allowed to claim the meal allowance. They should be paying this and it’s the worker’s decision from there.
  • The employer also wants to move away from stand by and call back pay. Employees should have a right to disconnect from work. If choosing to work remotely, supplies should be provided for this.
  • There are concerns about contracting out work and job security. This could create precarious work and take away from our workers.
  • There are also concerns about austerity measures when the topic changes to economics from pandemic.
  • The situation is actually worsening with regards to systemic racism and equity concerns.
  • Call centre workers are only allowed 10 seconds between calls which is also a concern.
  • We need to move away from term employment.
  • The employer is counting on disengagement because of remote work. This is the six year anniversary of Phoenix.
  • Louise:
  • We need a contact from every single local.
  • Feb 16 & 24 – Making Sense of Collective Bargaining workshop from 1:30 to 4:30 pm. Can get LWOP for this.
  • February 24 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm – Health and safety education by Clint.
  • We want education to continue.
  • Jesse:
  • There will be an email registration coming out soon for a young workers night, a trivia night. 
  • Next meeting to be scheduled
  • The next meeting will be March 31, 2022 (Thursday) at 5:30 p.m.
  • Meeting adjourned – Kelsey