Saskatoon and District Area Council AGM – March 9, 2015

Minutes from the March 9th, 2015 Saskatoon & District Area Council AGM

Saskatoon and District Area Council

March 9, 2015

Annual General meeting
: Jackie Nettleton, Karen Zoller, Nancy Johnson, Nicole Wurm, Barry Stolar

Regrets: Evelyn Jackson, Jackie Maurice

Meeting began at 5:40 pm

Minutes from February 18th reviewed and accepted.

Today’s agenda reviewed and accepted.

President’s Report

Jackie gave a review of the past year’s events that members participated in:

  • 2014 Prairie Region Convention Host Committee
  • April 28th Day of Mourning
  • GCWCC campaign award
  • Pride Parade March       
  • Labour Day BBQ information table and helping with food prep
  • Remembrance Day Ceremony
  • Seasonal PSAC Open House with guest speaker from the SFL

Treasurer’s Report

  • As of January 31st 2015, bank statement available at $955.82.
  • Nicole completed the annual financial report and it will be audited by members on the Regional Women’s Committee.

Budget Approval

  • Review and acceptance of the 2015 proposed budget.
  • Nicole to update the financial report to reflect budget item.


Election of Officers

  • President             Jackie Nettleton accepted (n/s Nancy/Karen Zoller)
  • Vice President    Elena Beynon accepted, via letter (n/s Karen Zoller/Nancy Johnson)
  • Secretary/Treasurer        Nancy Johnson accepted (n/s Jackie Nettleton/Nicole Wurm )

Approval of Bylaws

  • Jackie moved that Bylaw 3: Membership Section 2 Paragraph 2, and the 1st paragraph of Section 3, be eliminated from the Saskatoon Area Council Bylaws – passed.

Round Table

  • March 19th National Day of Solidarity discussion and planning
  • Calls will be made to inform members and allies of the event
  • Nancy to request list of contacts and to determine if the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour has been contacted
  • Saskatoon District Labour Council to be contacted for members to attend
  • Jackie to research food options

Resolutions received back:

  • FIN-019 – Out of Order
  • NEGO-049 – Referred Back