Saskatoon AC Mtg Minutes – Oct 20 2016

Attendance: Jackie Nettleton, Doug Kopko, Garry Cherneske, Elena Beynon, Val Illingworth, Staff: Louise Mardell, Regional Rep, Nancy Johnson, Admin

Saskatoon and District Area Council
Meeting of October 20, 2016
Attendance: Jackie Nettleton, Doug Kopko, Garry Cherneske, Elena Beynon, Val Illingworth
Staff: Louise Mardell, Regional Rep, Nancy Johnson, Admin

Regrets: Karen Zoller, Audrey Berlovan, Evelyn Jackson

President’s report:
Jackie stated that she didn’t have much to report at this time but will be attending PRC meeting end of October in Calgary and will provide updates at next meeting.
She stated that she will not be attending the Prairies Region convention due to family vacation.
Asked that we include the Pride parade in events for the June 22nd meeting minutes
Treasurer’s report:
Evelyn sent her regrets due to component conference and asked Nancy to provide the following update:
2016 Allocation of $1,600.00 received in the Regional Office on July 22, 2016
Nancy deposited the cheque that day. Copy of deposit slip attached showing the balance of $1,680.91.
Cheques issued:
Day of Mourning: $165.00 cheque #33 (new wreath and stand)
Labour Day BBQ: $183.63 cheque #32 (helium tank and supplies)
Balance as of September 30th, 2016 statement is $1,332.29

Briefing on Labour Day BBQ:
Nancy organized the volunteers, balloons and helium. The new tent looked great and provided shelter and a good place for the balloons. We gave out over 400 balloons. The REVP’s office provided us with frisbees, tattoos and balloons. We were fortunate to have our REVP and Regional Rep attend the event.
Thank you to Elena Beynon and Val Illingworth for assisting and Larry Johnson for setting up the tent and hauling all the supplies.
Garry Cherneske, Karen Zoller and Doug Kopko were also working the food lines. The attendance was approx. 2000 people.
Motion: That we reimburse Larry for the costs of helium and ribbons for $183.63 m/s Jackie/Garry

November 11th Laying of wreath:
Jackie asked that we support the event again this year. The cost of the wreath is $55.00. We have budgeted this in 2016.
Will ask around at our offices if we know members/family who served who would be willing to lay the wreath on behalf of the PSAC area council
Motion: That we support the Poppy Fund for wreath of $55.00
m/s Gary/Jackie
Call out for Resolutions for Prairies Regional Convention
Jackie asked if there were any resolutions that we should be working on. She will be attending the Prairie Regional council meeting end of October and will network with other regions to identify any possible resolutions/issues to bring back to the group.
The RO has scheduled a one day Resolutions Writing course on Saturday, November 19, 2016.
Louise encouraged members to attend and reminded committee to review the Prairies By-laws for sample wording. When proposing any By-law changes good idea to send copy to REVP for her review and suggestions for appropriate wording and intent of change.
Open House
Louise suggested that we hold the event on Thursday, December 8th and that details will be completed at next meeting but that we can go ahead and mark the date in our calendars.

October 31st Day of Action
Louise provided information about the Day of Action and that the RO had sent an email along with materials that can be printed locally or can contact Nancy at the RO and she will prepare packages for the event. You will need to provide her with the #’s of hand-outs/stickers required and she will arrange for pick-up/delivery. Nancy provided copies of the materials to those in attendance.
Louise asked if the Area Council was going to take the lead and organize an event but Jackie stated that each local should do their own event. The RO is here to help in any way we can.
Val said she could get CRA/UTE to do a lunch time event.
Members asked Louise if there were any new bargaining dates and she stated that there are but will be released by National in the next few days.
Next meeting: November 23, 2016

Meeting adjourned 6:00 pm