Saskatoon AC Mtg Minutes – Jan 20 2016

Present: Mike Brecht (CEIU), Jackie Nettleton (AGR), Garry Cherneske (AGR), Karen Zoller (AGR), Nancy Johnson (UTE), Staff: Louise Mardell

Saskatoon and District Area Council Meeting Minutes (January 20, 2016)

Saskatoon and District Area Council Meeting #1
January 20, 2016


Mike Brecht (CEIU), Jackie Nettleton (AGR), Garry Cherneske (AGR), Karen Zoller (AGR), Nancy Johnson (UTE)

Staff:  Louise Mardell


President’s Report:

Jackie talked about the Open House and that the next PRC will be in Saskatoon from February 19-21 and to provide her any agenda items for discussion


Secretary/Treasurer’s Report:

Nancy confirmed that there were six (6) meetings held in 2015, minimum is four (4).

There are two (2) meeting minutes that haven’t been posted August and November.  She will ask Martha to post to website.


To reimburse Nancy $300.00 for Safeway gift cards purchased for Friendship Centre as they were pleading to the public for additional money for turkey supper.

Meeting expense of $51.20

Karen / 2nd Jackie

Jackie had asked for replacement cheque of $142.71 as it went in laundry.

Bank’s balance as of today’s date will be $155.03


Nancy stated that once she updates the balance sheet with December statement then books will be ready to review. Mike Brecht (CEIU) and spouse Joan Brecht (UTE) member will audit the books and will be ready for February 17th, tentative AGM date.

Nancy stated that she was handed the prior books and records from past Treasurer at the Open House in December after several requests.


Election Planning


Provincial Election:

The committee decided on hosting a meet your candidates “Pancake Breakfast” similar to one we held in 2012 for WFAA.  Date chosen as March 5th, just before the anticipation of the election writ being dropped.  Karen will contact Nutana Legion and get back to Nancy/Jackie with details/availability of hall, cost of hall rental.  We looked at previous year’s costs and it was approx. $506.00.  The event was well received.

As well the committee wanted to show support for PSAC member Jesse Todd by organizing a door knocking day and provide lunch/refreshments for volunteers.  Jackie will contact him.

There will be a mail-out prepared by REVP’s office for both Manitoba and Saskatchewan elections.

Federal Election:

Louise jumped in and talked about the NBoD meeting and request for Area Council’s to set up lobbying teams and visit MP’s.  We need to ensure that the Liberals follow through on all their campaign promises.

There will be some lobbying training provided through the RO.

LWOP for two (2) days per committee to call list of members, RO will provide the listings

We need to continue to be political and hold government accountable for promises made

Ask for volunteers from Area Council

Two (2) days paid leave, reach out to the membership to create lobbying teams. Three (3) members per riding, constituents from that riding.

Timelines as follows:

February 1st – 6th                     Area Council calls to recruit

February 8th-12th                     Training

February 13th-March 6th         Bring it into Area Council

Two (2) days at a time-short two (2) hour training

How to lobby, lobby report, internal speaking notes

Restoring public services, one-page summary of key points, backgrounder on liberal, sick leave talks, talking points

Encourage members to get involved.

Regional Office:

Louise will be on vacation leave from February 1st to March 7th and Martha will be covering for her from her new position in Regina. Martha was the successful candidate for Rep position in Regina. 

A six (6) month term Admin position was posted here to replace her. The written exam and interviews are being conducted this week.   Louise is hoping that a decision will be made before her last day of January 29th so she will know that there will be coverage for members.

Louise advised that both committee chairs, Jackie and Nancy have keys to the office should you need access.

Next meeting: AGM February 17th.  Nancy suggested that we ask Marianne to attend as she should be arriving for PRC meetings. Jackie will send her an invite.