Ryan Zacharias Reports

July 2017

With being the newly elected Young Worker Rep for the region, my focus thus far has been on networking with the other YW Reps across the country in order to see what methods they use when communicating with members, and developing and building onto those already established communication strategies. While there are monthly conference calls with the other Reps, the method that has worked best for me is communicating one on one with the various Reps that I have gotten to know throughout my time with the PSAC.

I have been working with REVP Marianne Hladun to develop my first address to PSAC Prairie members, primarily local presidents, which I hope will allow me to further develop a contact list of Young Workers in the region and allow me to reach out directly

to them rather than having to liaison through their locals. On top of that, I have carefully searched the PSAC and component websites to develop my own contact list with the information of union local presidents, and will be utilizing that alongside the contacts I have already established through networking at various PSAC and labour events.

In order to continue my self-development within PSAC, I have continued to attend PSAC courses as they are offered, and recently attended the Advanced Representation Training weekend course to further develop my skillset within my local. In response to a call-out made by my local PSAC office, I requested that more TUB courses be offered so that more newer/younger workers are able to be exposed to the union in the hope that they are able to further establish themselves in our union if they so desire.

Should you have any questions about my report, please contact me directly.


April 21-23 – Prairie PSAC Convention – Elected as Young Worker Rep

April 25 – Participated in Young Worker conference call

May 8-12 – Attended Canadian Labour Congress

May 26 – Attended Advanced Representation Training

May 30 – Participated in Young Worker conference call

May 30 – Chaired Human Rights Committee Meeting

May 31 – June 4 – Attended PSAC Union Development Program in Ottawa

June 27 – Participated in Young Worker conference call

In Solidarity,

Ryan Zacharias