RWC Minutes (May 2012)

RO Contact:    Dolly Ablitt

RWC Minutes from May 31, 2012

Calgary Regional Women’s Committee Meeting (PSAC)

May 31, 2012– Calgary Regional Office

In Attendance:                                                                      

Nicole Frechette – NHU 30014

Stephanie Vandewaeter – CIU 30036

Carrie-Ann French – UTE 30024

Ayanna Ayi – CEIU 30856

Dolly Ablitt – PSAC Calgary RO (Staff)                      

Sherry Hunt – AGR 30048 (via teleconference)         

  1. Meeting called to order at 5:45 pm.

  2. Motion to adopt agenda M/S/C: Sherry, Ayanna

  3. Reviewed minutes of March 22, 2012 meeting

Motion carried unanimously. M/S/C: Nicole, Stephanie

 4.     Old Business:

Treasurer’s Report. Opening balance as of May 31, 2012 is $2536.87. Still waiting for invoice of $1500 pertaining to the PRC Convention held in June 2011. Nicole will email Alison Davis/ Marianne Hladun to ask for airfare and hotel. Nicole and Carrie-Ann signed. Will be forwarded to Marianne Hladun. Ayanna asked what happens to meeting costs if the money doesn’t get used, Dolly said it gets carried over. Motion to accept report as read. M/S/C: Nicole, Stephanie

  1.  New Business:

  2. Annual Labour Day BBQ – Dolly said first planning meeting is June 6that 6pm at the Calgary district labour council office. Carrie-Ann will attend with Dolly. We need to start thinking about what kind of booth we want. We can volunteer.

  3. Sisters in Spirit – October 2nd, 2012. We usually provide hot chocolate, we can volunteer for that.

  4. Dolly reviewed NWAC correspondence sent from PSAC office regarding Harpers cuts. Sherry will draft a letter then forward to Carrie-Ann and then to the Minister of Health.

  5. Dolly reviewed Food and Commercial workers union correspondence. Jeffrey from PSAC mentioned that the REVP may purchase childcare memberships on behalf of each committee. Nicole will add $250 to child care line of budget and deliver on Monday for Carrie-Ann to sign.

  6. June 10-16this national public service week. Employees are requested to boycott employee activities, and PSAC will be putting o
  7. activities.
  8. New campaign this summer. Posters coming out “Stand Up, We are all affected” Engage public in our communities. We will be handing them out at Stampede, Global Fest, Calgary and Canmore folk fest. 

  9. Immigrant women association was unable to take on anything new. Next February is black history month, so we can think about some ideas for what we would like to do.

6. Next regular meeting will be Thursday September 13, 2012 at 5:30pm

7.  Meeting adjourned at 6:35 pm