REVP Letter: PSAC Protocol For Potential Unifor Strike In Saskatchewan


RE: Potential UNIFOR picket lines for Sask. Crowns

Dear Sisters, Brothers and Friends

UNIFOR locals representing members at crown corporations including Sask Power, SaskTel and SaskEnergy have indicated that they may take strike action commencing this Friday, Oct. 4th.

I know that many of you may be co-located in buildings that may be affected by picket lines. Normally a picket line protocol is negotiated as part of the Sask. Federation of Labour (SFL) picket line policy but as UNIFOR is no longer part of the SFL or the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), this was not possible.

I have contacted UNIFOR and they have advised they have not finalized a protocol yet. In the interest of getting info circulated before Friday, please review the following protocol that you are requested to follow:

  •  Prior to crossing any picket line for purposes of reporting to work, please stop at the picket line and identify yourself to the picket captain. Inform them you are required to report to work and request permission to enter. In the event, you feel your safety is in jeopardy, you have the right to contact your manager and request an escort through the line or to request alternate arrangements.
  • Not crossing a picket line is a sign of respect for workers who have withdrawn their labour to get a fair deal that respects the work they do. As such, you are requested to not cross any picket line for reasons other than reporting for work where you could be disciplined if you fail to report. Just as many union members consciously make a decision to not cross our picket lines, we must do the same.

PSAC also represents employees at Casino Regina which is also a Sask. crown corporation. Our members will be voting on a tentative agreement on Thursday, Oct. 3rd and in the event that the agreement is not ratified, our members may also be on strike. We may need your support and solidarity for the 400+ members of DCL 40005.

As many of our federal public service workers may be facing job action in the new year, support and solidarity is a two-way street so please remember “An Injury to One, Is An Injury to All”.


In Solidarity,


Marianne Hladun
Regional Executive Vice-President
Public Service Alliance of Canada, Prairies