Reversing the Damage done by Harper

A new report released today details the significant impacts the Harper Conservatives inflicted on the prairies while in power.

A new report released today details the significant impacts the Harper Conservatives inflicted on the prairies while in power.


“Years of Conservative spending cuts are about much more than a decline in job numbers,” states the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives – Manitoba report. “Each job lost takes a personal toll on workers, individu­als and families, erodes social services and puts our fragile environment at greater risk.”

The report explains that future generations will have to deal with the consequences of loss of valuable services, employee burnout, illness and deterioration of the environment if the Liberal government does not act on its promises to reinstate programs.

“Let’s hope the new Liberal government quickly makes good on its campaign promises and be­gins to restore these valuable programs,” the report concludes.

A series of recommendations about agriculture, the Community Pastures Program, national parks, Veterans Affairs and the Canadian Pension Plan are included.