Register for the Winnipeg Labour Council Policy Conference

The Winnipeg Labour Council Policy and Educational Conference entitled “Political Action Boot Camp” is only one month away. This conference is a very important training and networking opportunity for labour and community activists.

Attendees will receive a crash course in three areas of political necessity: Community organizing; Effective Lobbying; and Election Campaigning. These areas are key to having the labour movement be successful in political endeavours.  

Several strong labour and community activists will facilitate the training, including MFL President, brother Kevin Rebeck; USW Representative, sister Leslie McNabb; Federal NDP President Rebecca Blaikie; and community activist Michael Champagne.

Accompanying them with other presentations will be MFL Special Projects Coordinator, brother Jean-Guy Bourgeois and from Viewpoints Research, Leslie Turnbull. Finally, Toronto and York Region Labour Council (TYRLC) president, brother John Cartwright will be addressing the conference delegates about the successes the TYRLC has had combating Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford.

This is an exciting opportunity sisters and brothers. This conference is for experienced and inexperienced activists alike. Please register and learn how to take labour’s political action to a new level.