Register for the webinar on sick leave and bargaining

We will be hosting two webinars on sick leave and collective bargaining for members who live outside the regional office areas or were unable to attend one of the multi-local meetings held across the region in May and June.

All members from all employers are invited to attend and provide feedback in the ongoing fight back and share ideas for what we can do together to combat concessions and cuts to public services.    

We are offering two separate sessions, please register in advance for one of the sessions:

Following these webinars, we will be using the webinar format to reach members across the region on an ongoing basis. These webinars will provide educational opportunities on important issues and ensure we maintain the momentum from our meetings throughout bargaining and into the 2015 federal election.

Members tell us they are interested in engaging with their union, but need it to be accessible and convenient. Webinars and telephone town halls suit these needs and allow us to reach more members throughout the Prairies.