Prince Albert Regional Indigenous People’s AGM Minutes (Dec 4, 2019)

In Attendance:

Louise Mardell

Trudy Lerat

Janette Husak

Joyce Romanchuk

Prudence McKenzie

Clarissa Danielson

Dave Beeds

Regrets: No Elders present

Welcome and Round Table Introductions

Review Agenda – No additions or deletions

              Trudy (m), Clarissa (s) – approved agenda

Harassment Statement – Ready by Louise Mardell

Review of last meeting minutes

Minutes from October 22, 2019 have been reviewed and approved

Business Arising from Minutes –  We are to proceed with plans to host a Christmas dinner at the PA Friendship Centre with a light lunch within the budget of $450.00. Dave will check on two dates for availability on either December 17th or 18th at 5pm to 6:30pm.

The budget for the Christmas Dinner was set October 22nd meeting, as follows:

$  50.00 – Elder

$100.00 – Candy Bags

$100.00 – Supper (Light Lunch)

$200.00 – Adopted Families ($100.00 for each family)

$450.00  Total Budget

Dave will run this by Marianne on how to select which family to adopt.  Also Joyce suggested we do a collection of donations for this event whether the donations are toys for the children or non-perishable food donations. We will need a box created for this purpose.

Dave will confirm the dates and notify Louise to send out an email broadcast with the details of our event.

Chair Report – The Committee Financial Training on November 7 & 8th was attended by Dave Beeds & Janette Husak held in Saskatoon

Secretary Report – No report

Treasurer Report

  • Current bank account balance is at $1350.16 as of November 30, 2019
  • Motion to make payment to PAGC Education for the meeting held today for room rental in the amount of $25.00

Janette (m), Prudence (s) – motion accepted

  • Financial Statements were adopted as presented by Janette Husak

Janette (m), Dave (s) – motion accepted

Recruitment for 2020

  • Suggestion that our meetings can continue to be held at noon hour as evening schedules can be quite busy which results in low attendance
  • Suggestion that our meetings can be held in the back of a restaurant in a meeting room
  • Suggestion our meeting dates to be pre-determined dates well in advance and slight date changes can be made if necessary
  • Suggestion for future meetings can be accessible via conference call or phone-ins in generate more involvement and interest
  • Louise volunteered to work with Jackie to take on the advertising our meeting information to invite any members of CEIU, ISC, Parole Office, Penitentiary, etc.  Together they will create colorful posters and share with us to post throughout our Prince Albert offices
  • Trudy suggested to book the PAGC room for the upcoming 4 quarterly meeting dates once dates are determined

Elections for Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer

Chair – Dave Beeds  – (n) – Janette, (s) – Trudy, Dave accepted and acclaimed

Vice-Chair – Janette Husak – (n) – Trudy, (s) – Dave, Janette accepted and acclaimed

Secretary – Clarissa Danielson – (n) – Trudy, (s) – Janette, Clarissa accepted and acclaimed

Treasurer – Prudence McKenzie – (n) – Trudy, (s) – Janette, Prudence accepted and acclaimed

Thank you and acknowledgement to Joyce Romanchuk for her continued support toward RIPC.

Regional Human Rights Conference Resolution (RHRCR) – tabled for the next meeting to better prepare a resolution

  • Work with Human Resources Committee in our region
  • Joyce is a part of the Human Resources Committee

Round Table – Joyce gives thanks and appreciation to Louise for her continued support toward RIPC

Louise –organized by Joyce, member of the UNE Committee – Kairos Blanket exercise being held tomorrow afternoon

Next Meeting will be January 15, 2020 at 12pm to 1pm in the PAGC Education boardroom. Trudy will book the boardroom and confirm with committee members.

Adjournment – 1:05pm