Regional Indigenous Peoples Circle (RIPC)Meeting Minutes(May 11, 2022)

16:00 hours Call to Order

In Attendance:

  • Prudence McKenzie – Chair
  • Kelsey Dreaver – Vice Chair
  • Janette Husak – member
  • Brenda Walsh – Treasurer

Regrets: Clarissa Danielson – Secretary


Review of Agenda – No additions or deletions

            Kelsey (m), Brenda (s) – approved agenda

Chair report –  Budget meeting and events planning.

1.   $425    Food security field trip – the RIPC committee acknowledges that with increasing food costs that food security is a threat for most people.  Jessy’s Garden located 17 kms west of Prince Albert and is run by an Indigenous family.  The garden provided fresh produce to the Prince Albert area at a reasonable cost of $1.00 per pound and if someone cannot afford that, then it is free.  They also provide free produce to school groups and the food banks.  The committee would like to visit the garden, assist the family with cultivation of garden and see the Indigenous plants portion of the garden.  We would require 2 vans to transport the committee members, snacks and water for the day and a small honoraria to the hosts.

Transportation – rental of 2 vans$300.00
Snacks and water$100.00

2.   $500   Medicine walk – the RIPC committee has a desire to have more land based learning for the members to strengthen their relationship with Mother Earth.  A medicine walk where the members will learn which plants can be used for medicine and learn about the gifts the Earth provides.  Members will travel in vans to a local Indigenous reserve.  We require snacks and water for that day.  We will pay a honoraria to the knowledge keeper/Elder for guiding us during the day.

Transportation – rental of 2 vans$300.00
Snacks and water$100.00

3.   $550   National Indigenous Day (NID)– as a committee would like to invite all Indigenous members of PSAC to attend a “Teaching in the Park” on June 21, 2022.  A knowledge keeper will provide a teaching to the members, share a small meal with members and we will provide a honoraria to the teacher.  We would  also make a donation to the Prince Albert Friendship Centre, who host National Indigenous Day in the park.  The donation would help to offset the costs of National Indigenous Day for the Friendship Centre.

Snacks and water$200.00
Friendship Centre donation –$200.00

4.   $250   National Day of Truth and Reconciliation (NDTR)– On September 25th the RIPC would be encouraging all members to participate in local or regional events.  We would supply orange shirt pins to all members that they would be able to wear annually on this national day of reflection.  


Secretary – No report

Treasurer’s Report – Prudence, Brenda and Kelsey attended the new bank institute Diamond North Credit Union to sign signature cards. 

Next meeting:  Sept 25, 2022 at Jessy’s Garden

Adjourn  – 17:00 pm.