Prince Albert Regional Indigenous People’s Circle Minutes (Sept 18, 2019)

In Attendance:  Janette Husak (via phone), Louise Mardell and Dave Beeds, Trudy Lerat and Claissa Danileson.  – Regrets: Shauna Ward, Paul Daigneault and Joyce Romanchuk. No Elder present

  • Review of Agenda –Agenda approved as presented with additions- Review deficiencies in financial package and- Election activities
  • Harassment Statement – Read 
  • Acknowledgement of Treaty 6
  • Review of last meeting minutes (minutes from the May 16th meeting.  Chair to check with Marianne regarding quorum and if minutes should be produced from meetings when there is no quorum.  No other previous business.
  • No executive reports as nothing new since last meeting.  
  • Audited report was reviewed.  Marianne’s letter to the committee sighting deficiencies was reviewed.  Cheques requiring receipts #226 – $100 for gift bags and check #230- $200 for family hampers –  Superstore receipt includes gift bag and family hampers $291.92 plus 9.48 spent at  Dollarama equals $301.40.  This clarification needs to be sent to REVP along with a corrected transaction log.   Cheque #231 for KFC food – receipt cannot be found – Committee will see if KFC will issue a duplicate. Once these things are dealt with the report should be complete.
  • Committee and PRC training scheduled to be held in Saskatoon November 7 & 8th.  All four executive will attend.  Louise will follow up with email to those that have not responded yet.
  • Discussion on how to have meetings that would be more accessible to the membership.  It was decided that we should try a week day lunch meeting. The next meeting will be held at noon at the John E MacDonald building. on October 23rd.  Notice will be sent out.  Election of delegate to convention will be held at this meeting. This will be included in the notice.

Adjourn –7:40 p.m.