Prince Albert Regional Indigenous People’s Circle Minutes (May 15, 2019)

In Attendance:  Janette Husak, Louise Mardell and Dave Beeds – Regrets: Shauna Ward (as she is away at training).  Two Saskatoon members were going to join by teleconference but were unable to make it.

No Elder present

  • Review of Agenda –Agenda approved as presented
  • Harassment Statement – Read 
  • Review of last meeting minutes (minutes from the January 23rd meeting have not been received by the RO for posting – Dave and Janette to follow up.) No other previous business.
  • Minutes from December 18th meeting have been reviewed and approved.
  • Audited report was sent to PRC rep for signature and submission to the REVP’s office along with a work plan for 2019.  Louise to follow up to ensure that the bank statements are being received by Janette.
  • Committee reports tabled, until next meeting, as not all committee members were present.  
  • Next training at the RO is on June 8th – A one day women’s course – register on line. Also an advanced representation training is scheduled for Sept./2019
  • Won – Ska is having a Pow Wow at the Kinsmen park on May 24th.  Start time is 10 a.m. (this will be confirmed). Members of this committee will look into how they can support this event.  Notice will be sent to membership through the RO once the details are received. Dave advised that this event has been featured in “PA Now”.  We will look for the article to attach to the minutes if possible.
  • The Friendship Center has a full kitchen and dining hall that can be used for events.  The Committee will look at hosting future events at this location.
  • Next meeting will be held on June 21st with a celebration of International Indigenous Day.  Details will be posted along with notice of meeting.
  •  AGM will be held Wednesday, Sept 25th.   This meeting will include election of committee members. Notice of meeting with Agenda to be posted no later than Sept. 1st.  Agenda items will be sent to the RO along with notice to post.

Adjourn – 6:30 p.m.