Regional Indigenous People’s Circle Meeting Minutes – November 26, 2018

Regional Indigenous People’s Circle Meeting Minutes – November 26, 2018

RAPC  Meeting

November 26, 2018, Minutes

5:25 P.M. Call to Order

In Attendance:

  • Dave Beeds – Chair
  • Paul Daigneault – Vice Chair
  • Janette  Husak  – Secretary/Treasurer
  • Shauna Wand – Corrections


No Elder present

Welcome and round table introductions

Review of Agenda – Addition to Agenda – SFL

            Dave (m), Janette (s) – approved amended agenda

Harassment Statement – Read by Shawna Ward

Review of last meeting minutes

Minutes from November 13, 2018 have been reviewed and approved.

Chair report – No report

Secretary – No report

Treasurer’s Report –

  • Current Bank Balance is $2,065.50  as of November 1, 2018
  • Motion made to pay $25 to the Friendship Centre to pay for cost of room rental.

Dave (m), Janette (s) – motion accepted

  • Dave went to the Bank and ordered a new check book and receipt book. Paul went to Bank and filled out the signature card. All signing authorities are now complete and changed.

Round Table

  • Dave – There is a Christmas dinner for Urban Services on December 5th at the Friendship Centre. December 20th is also having a Christmas dinner for PAGC at the Friendship Centre.
  • Dave/Shauna- suggested putting on a volleyball clinic for the youth and have a guest speaker in the New Year.
  • Dave – to speak to Elder Allan Adam to speak on Youth issues in the North.
  • Dave – to talk to the Friendship Centre to see if we can book the hall for December 18th. Inviting Riverside School kids (Grades 1-3) to come have a Christmas meal and Santa will be present with candy bags.  We will also have a guest speaker. Budget $500 –
  1. Elder – $50 (cloth/tobacco)
  2. Candy Bags $100
  3. Christmas supper $200 (hot dogs/hamburgers/xmas oranges/pop and chips)
  4. Santa with pictures $50
  5. Rental of Friendship Centre $25
  6. Misc $75


  • Paul – is going to call the Cosmo Lodge to rent out a meeting room for Family Day on February 18, 2019.  Have a guest speaker, sliding party and wiener roast.

Other business

  • Janette – In early January we will need to do our Budget and Develop our Work Plan for 2019.  2018 Audit needs to be done

Next meeting:

  • December 18, 2018

Adjourn  – 6:30 pm.