Regional Indigenous People’s Circle Meeting Minutes – November 13, 2018

Regional Indigenous People’s Circle Meeting Minutes – November 13, 2018 

Northern Saskatchewan

Regional Aboriginal Peoples Circle

Meeting November 13, 2018

5:15:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Prince Albert Indian and Metis Friendship Centre, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

In Attendance:

Dave Beeds, Chair of the committee
Janette Husak
Shauna Ward
Trudy Lerat
Shannon Blum 
Louise Mardell – PSAC RO

Meeting was called to order at 5:35. 

Dave thanked everyone for coming and spoke about – Our mission:
The Committee seeks to build a positive image of indigenous people in the community and brings together PSAC members and community partners.

As the committee currently does not have a secretary – Shauna agreed to take minutes – thanks Shauna

The Agenda was adopted as presented.  (the order of items was adjusted to ensure members who had to leave early were offered an opportunity to bring their info first)
The September 12, 2018 minutes were distributed, reviewed and adopted. 

Janette reviewed the financial statement which has not changed $2059.65 as expenditures cannot be paid– Account still needs to be set up with new signatories.  Checks need to be ordered.  Trudy and Janette will go to the bank tomorrow to try to get it sorted.  

Janette also spoke about the name change for the committee – The word “Aboriginal” is being replaced with the term “Indigenous” at the National Level.  The name change will officially happen at the AGM as a motion will be brought to the membership at that time. 

Janette also informed the Committee that she will be attending the Political Action training in Regina as will Dave and Shannon. 

Janette provided information about the crisis on the Piapot First Nations.  The water plant burnt down and a state of emergency was declared.  Janette wanted to send a thank you out to the REVP, Marianne Hladun for donating $300 to provide bottled water to the people.

A discussion was held regarding ideas/planning for committee activities. Several ideas were discussed.  The committee would like to have a guest speaker on Anti-Bullying at their next meeting – Members will look into finding a free speaker/presenter for the event. Committee wants to continue to work with youth to address some of the problems including the high rate of suicide etc. They will look into hosting a youth forum in early 2019.  The free haircut for kids in time for school pictures was a big success and they would like to repeat this offer in the spring for the homeless and again in the fall for the kids.  They will reach out to local hairstylist to see if some volunteers can be recruited and perhaps another venue as well. This should be covered by the media if possible. 

Dave mentioned upcoming events in the community – November 28th Veterans supper
Community Seasonal supper event – date to be announced. 
Next meeting November 27– Friendship Center – followed by another on December 18th that would include a seasonal feast. Dave will look in to the protocol around such an event. 

Meeting adjourned.