Regional Indigenous People’s Circle Meeting Minutes – December 23, 2019

Regional Indigenous People’s Circle Meeting Minutes – December 23, 2019

RIPC  Meeting

December 23, 2019

12:40 P.M. Call to Order

In Attendance:

  • Dave Beeds – Chair
  • Janette  Husak  – Vice Chair
  • Prudence McKenzie
  • Trudy Lerat

Regret: Clarissa Danielson

No Elder present

Welcome and round table introductions

Review of Agenda – No additions or deletions

            Dave (m), Janette (s) – approved agenda

Review of last meeting minutes

Minutes from December 4, 2019 have been reviewed and approved.

Chair report – No report

Secretary – No report

Treasurer’s Report –

  • Current Bank Balance is $1350.16  as of November 30, 2019. Janette and Prudence went to the TDF bank and signed signature card. Dave to go to the Bank and sign card and meet with Manager to change name on bank account and cheques.

Election for Delegate to Prairies Convention – June 2020

  • Janette Husak was elected on October 22, 2019 and will be attending through the NIPC. Dave was elected the alternate and will be attending through RIPC

Christmas Dinner: was approved by Marianne on December 4th. Prudence handed out candy bags and prepared Christmas meal. Janette dropped off hamper to Prince Albert Safe Shelter. We provided two $50 gift cards to a ISC member that was struggling with Pheonix pay issues.    

Motion made by Janette to reimburse Prudence back $25 for December 4th room rental fees. All in favour. Approved

Motion  made by Dave to reimburse back Janette 13.98 for the Christmas hamper costs. All in favour. Approved


Janette emailed Jacqueline Maurice to send Prudence the reporting package.

Prudence provided receipts for candy bags and meal. All receipts for Christmas gathering emailed to Louise and Jacqueline.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from RIPC

Next meeting:

  • January 15, 2020 at ISC building from 12-1pm .

Adjourn  – 1:00 pm.