Prince Albert Regional Indigenous People’s Circle AGM Minutes (Jan 15, 2020)

In Attendance:
Prudence McKenzie, Jesse Todd, Trudy Lerat, Clarissa Danielson, Kelsey Dreaver, ISC Health, Barb Tisserand, Dave Beeds, Marlene Krawetz

Regrets: Janette Husak, Louise Mardell, Joyce Romanchuk

No Elder present

Welcome and Round Table Introductions

Review Agenda – No additions or deletions – Trudy (m), Kelsey (s) – approved agenda

Review of last meeting minutes – Minutes from December 23, 2019 have been reviewed and approved.

Business Arising from Minutes –  Dave reports he went to change the name on bank account and cheques and completed necessary signatures. He also mentioned he is working on the reporting package.

Chair Report – No report

Secretary Report – Clarissa is in the process of centralizing the meeting minutes and information into a binder since becoming secretary in December 2019.

Treasurer Report  – The Christmas budget from last year was depleted with $13.00 overage.  Make a note for next year to invite FNIHB to join the Christmas event.

Round Table – Trudy provided handouts for “Hope for Wellness Help Line” for suicide prevention to post in our offices and fax to all communities to address suicide crisis.  Prudence confirmed FNIHB is mandated to pass this information to all its communities; no action required.

Jesse provided an update on the Strike Preparation training scheduled for February 1, 2020 in Saskatoon. There will be training in Prince Albert in mid-late February, no date confirmed yet. There are over 140,000 PSAC members who should be made aware of strikes and how prepare, how a strike is carried out, what members do/do not have access to while on strike, etc. Also, Jesse stated there will be a survey sent out to research how many members are informed on strikes, are members for or against a strike?  The goal is to have 90% of PSAC members informed and onboard for a strike for PSAC members’ concerns to be even negotiated by the employer. PSAC aims for solidarity and mobilization.  He added there are mediation meetings today and tomorrow and PSAC members should be informed by the end of the week.

Dave gave thanks and appreciation to Jesse for his support and attendance for travelling in this extreme weather.

Next Meeting – Scheduled for April 15, 2020 at 12pm at FNIHB boardroom.

Adjournment – 12:35pm