Regina Women’s Committee Minutes September 30 2020

Regina Women’s Committtee

September 30, 2020

Meeting Minutes

  • Called to Order:  6:30 pm
  • Roll Call:  Michelle Lang, Diane White, Jessica Bonish, Dani Aubichon, Mandi Wilkinson
  • Regrets:  Charito Humphreys
  • Everyone is in favor of the agenda
  • Financial Report:  Bank Balance of $1636.03
  • New Business:  Discussion about having a zoom call on how the pandemic has affected women.  Talked about adopting a family or a place for Christmas such as Aunt’s Place, Sofia House, adopting a single mom.  October 4, 2020 is the Sisters in Spirit Vigil and noon at the RCMP
  • Old Business:  Nothing to Report
  • Next Meeting October 26, 2020 5:30 pm
  • Meeting Adjourned at 6:49 pm