Regina Women’s Committee Minutes April 12, 2017

Meeting Minutes for April 12, 2017

PSAC Regina’s Women’s Committee Meeting
Minutes April 12, 2017


–    Call to Order 5:32 P.M.

–    Financial Report – There is $2,922.50 in the bank account.

Dani moved to donate the money from the Women’s self-defense workshop in November. $320 will be donated to Sophia House. Seconded by Michelle – carried.

Cheque for $40.34 was issued to reimburse Debbi Bernhardt for the snacks she purchased for the Women’s Self-defense event in November.

–    New Business
–    Mother’s Day Walk – Sandra confirmed that Elder Lillian Campbell will be attending the MMIW Walk and will be drumming and singing with her daughters.  PSAC has a sound system that we can use for MMIW event.

–    MMIW Day of Action – Giselle shared a discussion that took place at the PSAC Equity Conference in March regarding MMIW. The discussion was around having a MMIW National Day of Action.  It would be an event for all PSAC Women’s Committee across Canada. It was suggested that we contact the Regional Women’s Representatives to network and help spread the word.

–    Jordan’s Principle & TRC 57 – Giselle – both resolutions are moved to the National Triennial Convention. How can we keep these resolutions in members’ minds? Discussion around preparing info cards/talking points about resolutions and contacting convention delegates to gather support for the resolutions leading up to convention. 

Start the conversation at the Prairie Region Convention coming up April 21 -23, 2017. 

–    PSAC Equity Conference update/report. Michelle, Danielle, Debbi and Giselle attended the PSAC Equity Conference in March 2017. They attended workshops on Child Care, Domestic Violence, Women in Leadership, Economic Empowerment for Women, PSAC Water Campaign, MMIW and How to become better Allies. Michelle will submit her report on the Equity Conference.

–    Other Business – Giselle asked how can we increase membership on the RWC? 

–    Adjournment – 6:05 P.M.