Regina Women’s Committee AGM Minutes (January 16, 2020)

Regina and Area Regional Women’s Committee Annual General Meeting – January 16, 2020 PSAC 2nd Floor Boardroom

Call to Order:  5:37 pm

Agenda:  Dani/Charito Passed

Last AGM Minutes:  were never submitted from previous Secretary.  Michelle has reached out numerous times and has gotten no response.

Treasurer Report:

  • Starting Balance January 2019:  2187.66
  • Cheque to Eastview Community Center for Women’s Self Defence:  $350.00
  • Cheque to Michelle Lang to reimburse for Project Love Bus Supplies (toiletry bags):  $201.63
  • Ending Balance December 2019:  $1636.03

Moved:  Dani/Jessica – Passed

Chair Report:

  • I want to first thank the Committee for all their hard work being this past year.  We had a successful Women’s Conference and we were a smoking host committee!!
  • We finally wrapped up Project Love Bus.  And had many ideas come through the committee.
  • I want to take the time to thank all the members that have attended the meetings in this past year.  Lots of stuff happening within our locals and components with pending strikes and strike prep training happening currently and still managed to come out.
  • I am looking forward to the next year on the Women’s Committee on whatever roll I may take.

Motioned:  Michelle/Mandi – Passed

Old Business: Women’s Conference:  Donation to be dropped off at the Sophia House.  Michelle will contact Sophia House to make arrangements.

New Business: Talked about the Women’s March coming up.  January 18, 2020.  People should try to attend.  It is going to be very cold.


Chair: Michelle Lang:  Nominated by Dani, Seconded by Charito

Michelle Lang – Acclaimed

Vice Chair: Mandi Wilkinson:  Nominated by Michelle, Seconded by Dani = Mandi Wilkinson – Acclaimed

Secretary: Charito Humphreys:  Nominated by Jessica, Seconded by Dani = Charito Humphreys – Acclaimed

Treasurer: Dani Aubichon:  Nominated by Jessica, Seconded by Mandi = Daniela Aubichon – Acclaimed

Signing Authorities to the Bank: This account will have three signing authorities:

  • Michelle Lang – Chair
  • Mandi Wilkinson – Vice Chair
  • Daniela Aubichon – Treasurer

Will make an appointment to go get authority changed

Election for Delegate to Convention: Jessica Bonnish:  Nominated by Charito Humphreys, Seconded by Dani Aubichon; Dani Aubichon:  Nominated by Michelle Lang, Seconded by Charito Humphreys; Mandi Wilkinson:  Nominated by Michelle Lang, Seconded by Dani Aubichon; Mandi spoke for herself; Dani spoke for herself; Jessica spoke for herself.

Checked on who was eligible to vote: 1 per local and current executive. Clear Majority = Mandi Wilkinson was elected for the Women’s Delegate to the 2020 Prairie Region Triennial.

Motion to Destroy Ballots:  Dani/Michelle – Passed

Motion to Adjourn:  Jessica 6:30 pm