Regina Women’s Committee AGM Minutes (February 22, 2022)

Women’s Committee – Annual General Meeting – 2022-02-22

In Attendance
Michelle Lang
Daniela Aubichon
Jaymie Dovell
Jessica Bonish
Amy Stoik
Diane White

Michelle Call the meeting to order: 17:38

  1. Michelle – Acknowledgement of Treaty 4 and Harassment Policy
  2. Diane harassment coordinator
  3. Introductions
  • Approval of previous minutes
  • Michelle motions to approve previous minutes
  • Second: Jessica
  • Carried unanimously
  • Elections – Diane runs elections
  • Chair
  • Dani nominated Michelle
  • Second: Jessica
  • Michelle accepts – Michelle is acclaimed
  • Co-Chair
  • Michelle nominates Jessica
  • Second: Dani
  • Jessica declines
  • Treasurer
  • Jessica nominates Dani
  • Second: Michelle
  • Dani accepts – Dani is acclaimed
  • Secretary
  • Dani nominates Jaymie
  • Second: Jessica
  • Jaymie accepts – Jaymie is acclaimed
  • Michelle, Dani and Jaymie say the Oath of office

  • Open Business
    Debrief on Kitchen Table Conversations
    This went to Prairies Region Council
    Michelle makes motion to give $300 to PATHS
    Second: Jessica
    Carried unanimously

  • New Business
    Not prepared as need to discuss

  • Chair Report
    It has been a long year. Kitchen Table was a success. Thank you to Dani and Jaymie for remaining part of the executive

  • Treasurer Report
    Transaction log pretty blank as not much happened this year
    Balance – $1336.03
    Dani makes a motion to approve Treasurer Report
    Second: Jessica
    Carried unanimously
  • New Business Cont.
    Budget meeting Monday March 7 @17:30
    National Webinar Thursday February 24 @ 18:00
    Bargaining Update – PA not able to meet with employer until last week. No update as of yet. Continue to check the website for update.
  • Adjournment @ 18:15