Regina Women’s Committee AGM (March 9, 2016)

Meeting Minutes for the RWC AGM March 9, 2016

Regina District Area Council
Annual General Meeting Minutes
March 9, 2016

In attendance:

Melissa Brandt, Chair                                    Dan Grunert, Treasurer
Brett Pollard, L40005                                    Tim Hubick, L4A008
Larry Skibicki, Secretary                                Deanna Getz, South SK PRC Representative
Satinder Bains, AC PRC Representative        Martha Johnson, PSAC Representative

Meeting called to order at 5:35 pm.

Attendees signed an attendance sheet put on circulation and a round table of introductions was completed.

Adoption of Agenda:

M/S/C    Dan/Brett        That the agenda be adopted as presented.

Adoption of March 25, 2015 AGM Minutes:

M/S/C    Tim/Larry         That the minutes for the 2015 AGM be adopted as presented.

Report of Chair:

Sister Melissa presented her report on 2015 activities (attached).

M/S/C    Melissa/Dan        To accept the report of the Chair as presented.

Report of PRC Area Council Representative:

Have been busy with the MP lobbying campaign; calls made to members resulted in 7 members taking the lobbying training.  Met with Ralph Goodale in Saskatoon and raised the issue of the need to respect our collective bargaining process.  The deadline for selection of Area Council delegates to Prairie Region Convention has been identified as November 2016 and the deadline for submission of resolutions is December 8, 2016.

M/S/C    Satinder/Dan        To accept the report of the Area Council Representative to PRC.

2015 Financial Review:

M/S/C    Dan/Larry    That Sister Melissa be reimbursed the cost of meal expenses in the amount of $25.95.

Brother Dan reported that the bank balance was $1,375.91 on December 31, 2015.  

M/S/C    Dan/Larry        To accept the report of the committee as received.

The proposed budget for the 2016 year ($844.09) was reviewed and discussed.  It was agreed to move the amount designated for the Labour Day Picnic from under donations to projects and events.

M/S/C    Tim/Satinder        To accept the 2016 budget as amended.

Election of Area Council Officers:

Sister Martha Johnson opened the floor and called for nominations election of officers.

Chair – Sister Melissa

Vice-Chair – Brother Brett

Secretary – Brother Larry

Treasurer – Brother Tim

Following completion of the elections Sister Johnson administered the oath of office.

Other Discussion:

The upcoming Saskatchewan Provincial election was discussed.  A Regina Town hall is scheduled for March 22 @ 7pm at the Italian Club.

The meeting adjourned at 6:45 p.m.

Appendix 1

2015 Activity Report
Chair, PSAC Regina Area Council

•    Since the last AGM, Area Council held meetings June 15, July 20, August 25 and September 14, 2015.  There were also meetings on January 21 and February 17, 2016.
•    In April 2015 I travelled to Quebec City where I attended PSAC Convention as the delegate for Regina Area Council.  Highlights of Convention included:
o    Acclimation of Sister Robyn Benson as National President;
o    Unanimous adoption of an emergency resolution put forth by the NBoD to defend our right to free collective bargaining and to condemn the Harper government’s attack on our sick leave.
o    Adoption of a 3-year budget for the period 2016 – 2018 which included some very passionate debate around continuance of the Pension Solvency Special Dues Levy for 2016.
•    In June I sent out a letter on behalf of Area Council to locals encouraging them to support the PSAC Boycott National Public Service week and to hold alternative events for members.
•    Following the July 20 meeting I prepared and submitted a proposal for funding to host a booth at the upcoming Labour Day picnic.  I also submitted three proposals in support of the PSAC federal election strategy.  All of the proposals received approval by the REVP.
•    On September 1 all of the executive officers attended the Labour Day picnic in Wascana Park.  This was the first time in several years that we had participated.  It was a very cold day and we distributed lots of bags of fruit snacks but still had many left over!  Luckily Costco accepted return of the unopened boxes.  We also handed out PSAC branded items including temporary tattoos which proved to be very popular with the kids.
•    In lead up to the federal election I assisted other PSAC members who had gathered at the Regional Office to stuff envelopes for a mailout to members.  On another evening I made calls to members encouraging them to go out and vote.  Finally, Area Council sponsored an all-candidates forum in the riding of Regina Wascana.  The forum was very successful and well attended with lots of questions being posed by voters.