Regina RWC Mtg Minutes – May 4 2016

Meeting minutes for May 4, 2016

PSAC Regional Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes – May 4, 2016

In attendance: Sandra Ahenakew, Dani Aubichon, Michelle Lang, Debbie Bernhardt – PSAC Rep Martha Johnson

Guest: Prairie Region RVP Marianne Hladun

Call to order: 5:35

Financial Report: Dani provided the transaction log and account balance. Missing January 2016 bank statement.

ACTION ITEM: Dani will contact bank to get a copy of missing bank statement.

Planting Garden – the Community has set May 14, 206 as their planting day. That date does not work for RWC members as the committee will all be in training that weekend.

ACTION ITEM: Michelle will contact Arlene (community garden organizer) to set up an alternate date that the HRC can plant and inquiry about the type of plants they need.

Motion by Michelle to spend $200 on vegetable seeds and bedding plants. Seconded by Debbie – carried.

Women’s Self Defense Training was very popular with participants so the RWC will be offering it again in 2016.

Marianne Hladun said there are funds available for “Special Events” around ending Domestic Violence. The RWC could plan a one day event with Women’s Self Defense and include a half-day session on Domestic Violence. The RWC must put forth a proposal to PSAC for this event including the breakdown of costs, approximately how many women will be attending. Send an email to Marianne.

Marianne thanked the RWC for their complete reporting package that was submitted.

There was a brief discussion on the upcoming Prairie Regional Women’s Conference and the deadline to submit Resolutions. The conference will be an opportunity for RWC’s to network with other committees.

Michelle will email RWC committee members with possible dates for the next RW meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 6:30