Regina RWC Mtg Minutes (May 31 2011)

In Attendance: Connie Gress, Chair; Suzanne Huggins, Treasurer; Melissa Brandt, Secretary; Lucie Rehel, L40010; Lisa Garnier, PSAC Representative

Regina Regional Women’s Committee

Meeting Minutes

May 31, 2011


In Attendance:Connie Gress, Chair                                    Suzanne Huggins, Treasurer

 Melissa Brandt, Secretary                            Lucie Rehel,  L40010

 Lisa Garnier, PSAC Representative


The meeting convened at 5:40 p.m.

Sister Gress advised review and approval of the January 18, 2011 meeting minutes was completed during the AGM held in March.

Walk 4 Justice

The march will begin in Vancouver and end in Ottawa.  It is expected the walkers will be coming through Regina on July 11.  Sandra Ahenakew, L40064, has worked with FNUniv to setup a welcome event at FNUniv.  The Human Rights Committee has approved a donation and the RDLC has also been approached about making a donation.  The event will be open to the public.  Advertising and volunteers to help during the event still needs to be done.



Both the PSAC Prairie Region ($500.00) and PSAC HQ ($500.00) financial allocations for 2011 have been received.  A $950.00 cheque to assist with expenses for our delegate to PR Convention was also received.  The current bank balance is approximately $4,250.00.


After some discussion it was agreed to set aside $500.00 for the Walk 4 Justice.  The funds will be used for expenses incurred with any funds left to be donated to the walkers.


Concurrence to pay supper expenses in the amount of $36.58.


Social Justice Projects for 2011:


Tools for Schools


Three letters and several calls have been made to the Rider organization.  No return calls or responses to the letters have been received.  No further attempts to engage the Riders will be made as it is clear they are not interested.


Community Helping Hands Project


Sister Brandt outlined the presentation/proposal made to Area Council by a representative of Kruzer House from Ranch Erhlo.  Establishment of a joint meeting between Area Council, RWC and the Human Rights Committee to consider undertaking as a joint initiative between the three committees has been proposed.  The suggested meeting date is June 22 at 6:30 p.m. following the next Area Council meeting.

Prairie Region Convention:


·         The proposed budget to be presented at Prairie Region Convention was reviewed and discussed.

·         A review and discussion of some of the concurrence resolutions submitted by other RWC’s in the Prairies took place.

·         It was noted the resolution concerning payment of CLC and labour affiliation fees sent from our committee also has concurrence.

·         It was noted a number of resolutions proposing changes to PSAC Regulation 15 which addresses the collective bargaining process were submitted.


The meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.