Regina RWC Mtg Minutes (Jan 27 2010)

In Attendance: Connie Gress, Chair; Melissa Brandt, L40064; Tanya Galenzoski, PRC Rep; Robyn Benson, REVP – Prairies; Lisa Garnier, Regional Representative; Pat Davis, Regional Coordinator; Arryn Varls, L40337; Kate Johnson, L40337; Janette Husak, L40064; Verna Cachene, L40064; Suzanne Huggins, L40064

Regina Regional Women’s Committee

Meeting Minutes

January 27, 2010


In Attendance:                       Connie Gress, Chair                                       Melissa Brandt, L40064

                                                Tanya Galenzoski, PRC Rep                          Robyn Benson, REVP – Prairies

                                                Lisa Garnier, Regional Representative            Pat Davis, Regional Coordinator

                                                Arryn Varls, L40337                                     Kate Johnson, L40337

                                                Janette Husak, L40064                                 Verna Cachene, L40064

                                                Suzanne Huggins, L40064


The meeting was called to order at 5:10 p.m.

Sister Connie outlined some of the events/activities which the committee has supported/participated in.  This included supporting the GSU strike by sponsoring lunch; hosting a workshop for women; and donating to a retirement event for Brother Ed Janis.  She also outlined the CD/DVDproject linked to the 100th anniversary of the founding of International Women’s Day.

Sister Robyn indicated the United Nations are holding a meeting at the end of March to discuss the status of women.  The meeting will be taking place in New Yorkand will be attended by Sister Patty Ducharme.

Issues of concern/themes which the committee can focus on:

·         Pay equity

·         Childcare

·         Violence against women (bill on long-gun registry didn’t die when Parliament was prorogued)


The budget will be presented on March 4.  Members should expect an attack on public service pensions through the introduction of a two tier pension system; downsizing; and no renewals of terms.

The Regional Women’s Conference will take place in September 2010 followed by the National Women’s Conference in October 2010.

Upcoming meetings:

March 8 – session on history of the Women’s movement in recognition of International Women’s Day

June – affordable housing

TBD – women and finance


There is a bank balance of $1,726.31 of which $400.00 is earmarked for Prairie Region Convention.

The meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m.