Regina RWC Mtg Minutes (Jan 18 2011)

In Attendance: Connie Gress, Chair; Suzanne Huggins, Treasurer; Melissa Brandt, L40064; Janette Husak, L40064; Louise Mardell, PSAC Representative

Regina Regional Women’s Committee

Meeting Minutes

January 18, 2011


In Attendance:  Connie Gress, Chair                                        Suzanne Huggins, Treasurer

  Melissa Brandt, L40064                                  Janette Husak, L40064

  Louise Mardell, PSAC Representative


The meeting convened at 6:00 p.m.

A review of the November 3, 2010meeting minutes was completed.

A visit to the Isobel Johnson Shelter was planned but had to be post-poned due to an incident at the Shelter which resulted in the closure to guests for the next several days.  The Committee will chose an alternate date for the visit at a future meeting.  Sister Gress and Sister Brandt outlined how they split up the telephone contact list for all locals in Southern Saskatchewanto notify them of RWC meetings and to encourage them to send a representative.  Sister Brandt indicated some of the contact information for the locals she called was not current.



The current bank balance is approximately $3,000.00.


M/S/C   Suzanne/Janette:            Pay $37.83 for supper expenses.


M/S/C   Melissa/Janette:              Donate $50.00 to the Regina Sexual Assault Centre in reply to letter sent requesting donation.


Prairie Region Convention:


·         The resolutions circulated prior to the meeting were reviewed, discussed and adopted by consensus.  It was agreed Sister Gress would complete the editorial revisions agreed to and the resolutions would then be sent to Locals and women who have attended a meeting in the last two years with a ‘cc’ to RVP’s.

·         Selection of a delegate and an alternate from the committee to convention was discussed.  The RWC has budgeted $500.00 per year to provide for $1,500.00 to cover expenses.  The PSAC will cover loss of salary and invoice to the RWC; additionally, $500.00 is available as a subsidy.  A registration fee of $100.00 must accompany the delegate credential.  It is estimated expenses will include approximately $600.00 for hotel (3 nights), $250.00 for meals and incidentals; and $600.00 for airfare.  Connie Gress selected as delegate and Melissa Brandt as alternate.


Social Justice Projects for 2011:


Sister Gress indicated there will be a joint committee meeting on February 8 at which time projects will be discussed and selected.


Annual General Meeting:


March 15 was selected as the date for the Annual General Meeting.  Sister Brandt and Sister Huggins indicated they anticipated Sister Benson will request all committees to exchange books and complete a ‘mini-audit’ as done last year.  It was agreed they would contact Brother Gilchrist from the Area Council and set up a time for all three treasurers to meet at the PSAC office to review the financial records for each committee.


The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.