Regina RWC Mtg Minutes – Apr 14 2015

Present: Michelle Lang, Daniela Aubichon, Sandra Ahenakew, Diane Allen

PSAC Regina Women’s Committee Meeting
April 14, 2015

Present:        Michelle Lang, Daniela Aubichon, Sandra Ahenakew & Diane Allen
Call to Order:    5:35
Minutes of February 24, 2015 were reviewed and approved.
Approval of Financial Statements
•    No bank Statement available
•    Sandra has not gone to bank to add her name to signing authority she needs signed AGM minutes to present to bank. ( Michelle and Daniela signed AGM minutes gave copy to Sandra)
Women’s’ Self Defense April 18, 2015
•    Michelle paid $100 deposit to Eastview Community Centre presented receipt for reimbursement.
•    Daniela will pay remainder for Eastview Community Centre
•    Michelle will pick up water, fruit platter and cereal bars Friday April 17, 2015
•    Approximately 20 women have registered.
New Business
•    Brainstorming ideas for RWC in the coming year;
•    Sandra – Mother’s Day Walk or event for Murdered and Missing Women
ACTION ITEM: Sandra will contact the Gathering Place and FNUniv for contacts/ideas/location.
•    Sandra – Faceless Doll Project from Native Women’s Association of Canada. 
ACTION ITEM: Sandra will print off pattern from NWAC website along with materials on how to organize an event.
•    Daniela: RWC pick a date to provide Lunch for children at inner city swimming pools.
ACTION ITEM: Daniela will contact Kirk Brown at the United Way.



New Business continued;

•    Michelle: Flashmob in downtown Regina
ACTION ITEM: Michelle will contact Jeffery about putting together a handout for Flash Mob; Theme, “We Are All Affected” Songs ideas: Cuts Like a Knife, A Change is Gonna Come, Get Up Stand Up
•    Michelle is meeting with Regina Labour Council next week and will ask if they are planning any events that RWC can support/participate in.

Next Meeting May 12, 2015 at 5:30.
Meeting adjourned at 6:15