Regina RWC Mtg Minutes (Apr 14 2009)

In Attendance: Trayce Fayant, Casino Regina; Tanya Galenzoski, USGE and PRC Women’s Represenative; Suzanne Huggins, NAT; Connie Gress, NAT



APRIL 14, 2009

5:30 pm


In Attendance:

Trayce Fayant, Casino Regina

Tanya Galenzoski, USGE and PRC Women’s Represenative

Suzanne Huggins, NAT

Connie Gress, NAT


1.      Review of Minutes from last AGM

a.       Motion to Adopt the minutes – Tanya, Seconded – Suzanne, Carried


2.      Finance Report

a.       $1953 in account – no bills outstanding

b.      $300 earmarked for Sophia House from last year – project not completed

c.       Balance of $1653 remaining

d.      Discussion about future PRC conventions – decision to put $400 of our funds aside to this purpose. Motion made by Tanya, Seconded by Connie, Carried

e.       Discussion about workshop costs – total cost for workshop was $1852.05.  The bulk of the funds went to paying speakers.  The group discussed that this was OK because it could be seen also as the RWC supporting groups and women in the community.

f.        Discussion about putting the following in our budget:  Wreath- $50, an extra $150 on top of the $300 for this year to Sophia House, $100 to Sisters in Spirit, $100 for Solidarity Support (misc. donations), $200 for Hospitality for the year.


–   Financial Report and Budget for 2009 Attached


g.   Motion to accept the financial report and budget as presented – motion by Connie, Seconded by Tanya, Carried.


3.         Discussion about Terms of Reference for the Joint Steering Committee.  Committee was in agreement and discussed our own meeting schedule and agreed to hold them on the same days as the joint committee meetings – immediately following the JSC meetings – AGM will be set at a later date.  Connie to notify office to check on getting the SFL boardroom if AC, or Human Rights want main PSAC boardroom.


4.         Elections:          Chair – Connie Gress, Secretary – Trayce Fayant, Treasurer – Suzanne Huggins.


5.         Meeting adjourned at 6:30 pm