Regina RWC Minutes (September 15, 2010)

Regina Regional Women’s Committee

Meeting Minutes

September 15, 2010


In Attendance:Connie Gress, Chair                        Suzanne Huggins, Treasurer

Melissa Brandt, L40064                  Betty Sproule, Casino Regina


The meeting was called to order at 6:45 Sister Gress.

M/S/C                   Suzanne/Betty

Adoption of the June meeting minutes, with the following editorial change:  The two resolutions reviewed and adopted were submitted to the Regional Women’s Conference.



·                     Letter dated July 16/10 received from Sister Benson, REVP – Prairies, indicating 2010 RWC assistance from PSAC HQ is being withheld.

·                     A call was made to Sister Benson and concerns related to content of the letter raised with her

·                     Sister Benson will review and follow-up with Sister Gress.




Sister Huggins advised the current bank balance is $1,585.48.


Regional Women’s Conference:


·                     The SK Roughrider themed basket donated by the three SK RWC’s was very well received.  A total of $2,000.00 was raised from raffling the baskets.  The funds raised went to Aids Saskatoon, NOSI and Joints in Motion (for Sister Deni Nelson).

·                     A re-gifting auction provided lots of fun!

·                     Delegates received 2 of 3 workshops available.  The three workshops were:  Women and Pensions, Childcare, and Mobilizing for Change.

·                     There were 14 resolutions received which were debated through a mock convention.  Five resolutions received concurrence and will be forwarded to the National Women’s Conference.  The two resolutions adopted at our June meeting are among the five going to the National Women’s Conference.

·                     The conference included an extensive discussion around how delegates are afforded the right to vote and how applicants are selected to receive delegate status to conventions.


Prairie Region Convention:


·                     Sister Gress announced that the 2011 Prairie Region Convention will not be held in SK due to potential facilities already being booked.  Convention will again be held in Winnipeg.


Possible Future Activities:


·                     Sisters-in-Spirit or Take Back the Night vigil.  Agreed Sister Sproule will obtain information about dates/events and forward to the committee.

·                     M/S/C                   Connie/Melissa                                Donation of $100.00 to the Unions of ReginaChristmas Dinner.

·                     M/S/C                   Betty/Melissa                   RWC will lay wreath, value of no more than $50.00, at the November 11 ceremony.


There was some discussion about exploring the use of ‘Skype’ as a means of reaching out to and engaging more women.


The next meeting will be held on November 3 at 6:30 p.m.  The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.