Regina RWC Minutes (November 20, 2014)

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<div>Womens commitee meeting</div>
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<div>Attendees: Michelle Lang, Daniella Aubchion, Diane Allen, Debbie Bernhardt, and Raelene Ramnes</div>
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<div>Called to order at 5:38</div>
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<div>There was no meeting in October</div>
<div>New bank balance as of September 10/2014 was 4056.56</div>
<div>Regina Womens Commitee donated $50 worth of food to Sisters in Spirit</div>
<div>We had a kitchen table discussion on Saturday Oct 11/2014 5 people attended.</div>
<div>Daniella has been looking into self defence classes, we decided to do one session with 10 to 15 people and book more sessions if needs. We also have a tentative date for March 7/2015 from 8-5. More details will come at a later date.</div>
<div>Michelle Land went to the Child Care 2020 convention in Winnipeg.</div>
<div>It has been decided that we need to lobby our MP’s as to what their stand is on child care.</div>
<div>Michelle, Daniella, and Raelene will be attending the Activists School held in Regina from Saturday November 22 to the 24/2015. After Activists School the three of them will be looking at putting together and action plan for the womens commitee. </div>
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<div>Meeting adjourned at 6:18</div>


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