Regina RWC Minutes (Jan 2012)

Minutes from the January 11, 2012 Regina Regional Women’s Committee meeting.

Regina Regional Women’s Committee

Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2012


In Attendance:                 

Connie Gress, Chair                                       

Melissa Brandt, Secretary

Betty Sproule, Casino ReginaDCL

Lisa Garnier, PSAC Representative


The meeting convened at 5:50 p.m.

The RWC last met on October 13, 2011with Sister Gress, Sister Lisa and Sister Nancy Johnson, Women’s Rep on PRC.  No minutes were produced as Sister Melissa sent regrets.

A callout for donations to the Unions of Regina Christmas Dinner was made through the RWC.  Donations were received from Area Council, the Human Rights Committee and several locals.  A total of $900.00 was collected and forwarded.

During the October meeting it was suggested a workshop for women be organized.  The workshop would be 1 day and was proposed to be held in Watrous.  Sister Johnson was to contact the Prince Albertand Saskatoon Women’s Committees to gauge interest.  Sister Connie will follow-up.

The Area Council met last evening and had a good discussion around the status of bargaining as well as the upcoming federal budget and rumoured cuts to the public service.

A proposal to pursue a social justice project involving SoulsHarbourwas raised at Area Council by Sister Connie.  There did not seem to be much interest in pursuing such an initiative jointly with the RWC.

A membership renewal notice was received from the Early Childhood Coalition.  It was agreed to new our membership.

Sister Gress distributed information on the new Women at Work course to be held in Edmontonin March.  Deadline for application is January 20.

A discussion about the recent UPCE pay equity decision took place.  It was agreed to celebrate by inviting those members for cake.  February 29 was selected as the date for the event.  Sister Gress will put together an invitation/announcement.

It was agreed to reimburse Sister Gress for the cost of buns and deli cold cuts.

The meeting adjourned at 6:40 p.m.

Next meeting:  April 4 (AGM)